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Garro was a Force-sensitive human male who taught Jedi Master Yoda, while they were inside a mountain which they discovered to be alive, in the ways of the stonepower, an aspect of the Force that was only attainable by being in proximity to blue stone, a type of stone imbued with the Living Force.

After training Yoda, Garro and the Master went out from the mountain, but Garro betrayed Yoda and joined the Rockhawkers.


Early life[]

"They put me down here because I was weak. Because I could not kill in battle."
―Garro, to Yoda when referring to his exile in the Great mountain[1]

Sometime before 32 BBY,[2] the human male Garro was born on a planet in the Vagadarr system and later exiled from his people, who called themselves Rockhawkers, because he was considered weak since he did not kill in battle. Garro was sent inside the Great mountain that stood near the village where he lived.[1]

Meeting with Yoda[]

"Help me."
―Garro, to Yoda when they first met[1]

Sometime between 44 BBY and 32 BBY,[2] Garro was found, almost starving, in a cave inside the Great mountain by the Jedi Grand Master Yoda. The Jedi helped him find some moss that Garro could eat, and the boy, to repay him, taught the Grand Master the ways of the stonepower, a way of the Force that used a stone imbued with the Living Force called blue stone.[1] While Yoda was training, the Jedi felt that the mountain was alive in the Force.[4]

Joining the Rockhawkers[]

"You wanted me to return to my life, didn't you? Well, this is my life. I'm a Rockhawker."
―Garro to Yoda[4]

Garro helped Yoda wake the mountain up, and once it was awake, they decided to go out from the cave. The Jedi and the boy climbed down but were intercepted by the Rockhawkers. The sons asked them if they had found the heart of the mountain. While Yoda didn't want to tell them, Garro betrayed his student and explained everything to the Rockhawkers, and he eventually joined them.[4]

The war[]

"Prepare we must."
"Huh? Prepare for what?"
"For war."
"But we've been at war. For years."
"No. Begin now the real war does. A war unlike any you have ever known."
―Yoda and a Mud dweller[4]

Yoda went back to Mucktown to prepare the Mud dwellers for war, while Garro, with the help of the Rockhawkers, took the control of the living mountain.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Garro first appeared in the comic Star Wars (2015) 28,[1] written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Salvador Larroca and Edgar Delgado.[5]


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