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"I'm here to talk business."
"Oh, then business it is."
―Boba Fett and Garsa Fwip[src]

Garsa Fwip was the Twi'lek female owner of the Sanctuary, a cantina in Mos Espa, during the New Republic Era. When former bounty hunter Boba Fett established a new criminal empire on Tatooine, he paid a visit to Fwip at the Sanctuary to assure the longevity of her business. Fwip thanked Fett and entrusted the cantina to his authority. Soon, two Hutts sought to take over Fett's territory, and the cantina owner relayed their intentions to the crime lord.


A new criminal empire[]

"And thank you for the gracious introduction and for making the long journey to visit our establishment. It is our little slice of paradise. And you are always welcome, as it is yours now."
―Fwip, to Lord Fett[src]

Around 9 ABY during the New Republic Era,[2] Garsa Fwip was the owner of the Sanctuary, a cantina in Mos Espa, which was a city on the desert planet Tatooine.[1] After Boba Fett had become the new leader of his criminal empire in an attack on Jabba's Palace, formerly ruled by Bib Fortuna[3] and before that by Jabba Desilijic Tiure, the Daimyo and his lieutenant Fennec Shand travelled to the Sanctuary to greet Fwip and conduct business with her.[1]

Garsa Fwip ran the Sanctuary, a bustling cantina in Mos Espa.

Upon meeting Fett, Fwip extended her welcome and offered the products and services of the establishment to him. When the Daimyo replied that he wanted to discuss business, she complied, but asked whether he wished to allow his Gamorrean guards to be washed and fed. Fett denied the request, stating that the matter would be completed quickly, before introducing Shand and himself and reporting how he had replaced Fortuna. Fwip apologetically remarked that she did not see the man's litter, as Hutt crime lords were often carried on one, to which Fett responded that he preferred not to use a litter but to walk by himself. The Daimyo commented that the purpose of his visit was only to introduce himself and guarantee that the Sanctuary would continue to thrive in his empire. Expressing her gratitude, Fwip briefly bowed to Fett,[1] glanced back toward the bar,[4] and clapped to signal her attendants, and then further thanked him for crossing a long distance to come to her cantina. She assigned the establishment to Fett's command, patting his arm before departing.[1]

The return of the Hutts[]

"You haven't heard?"
"Heard what?"
"The Twins have laid claim to their late cousin's bequest."
―Fwip and Fett[src]

Not long after a thwarted attempt on Fett's life, in which an assassin was captured, claiming to have been sent by Mayor of Mos Espa Mok Shaiz, Fett questioned the mayor on his involvement. Though Shaiz denied this, he advised the Daimyo to go to the Sanctuary to find more answers. When Fett, Shand and the two Gamorrean guards arrived inside, the female Twi'lek server whispered to Fwip to note their arrival, and the owner greeted them[5] with a tense expression.[6] She thanked Fett for his patronage and offered a seat at the bar and a drink, but Fett demanded to know what was happening.[5]

Fwip was unsettled when discussing the matters of the Hutt Clan with Boba Fett.

Fwip initially seemed puzzled, to which the crime lord stated that he had been tipped off by Shaiz, asserting that she was sweating like a gumpta on Mustafar. After Fwip remarked that Fett had not heard the latest news and he further queried, the Twi'lek revealed that two of the late Jabba's cousins had laid claim to the criminal empire. While Fett countered that the Twins were too preoccupied with other Hutt affairs to care about Tatooine, the sound of drums approached[5] and Fwip looked past him towards the street outside.[6] With the whole cantina falling silent, the gangsters exited the establishment to meet the Hutt litter and listen to their demands. Although Lord Fett refused to yield to the Twins, bloodshed was kept away from Mos Espa at that time.[5]

The Krrsantan incident[]

"Now, you have run up quite a bar tab, Santo. So, what say you release this customer and let these fine folks get back to their fun and, in return, I will wipe your debt off the books?"
―Fwip tries to reason with Krrsantan[src]

At some point after the Wookiee mercenary Black Krrsantan had been captured and released by Fett's forces in a failed assassination attempt,[7] he was having drinks at the Sanctuary on one evening. Krrsantan attacked five Trandoshans who were gambling, holding one in the air.[8] Fwip interceded[9] and chuckled,[10] recalling the Wookiee's gladiatorial career and speaking highly of his skill and reputation as she walked towards him. Attesting to Krrsantan's legendary name that had attracted thousands, as well as to how his brass knuckles were more feared than blasters, Fwip suggested that he had already won everything and that it was beneath him to dismember the Trandoshan. She held out her arm to his and stated that such a display was no longer suitable for more "civilised" circumstances, labelling the violence of fighting pits as horror and cruelty.[8]

Fwip tried to calm Krrsantan, ultimately to no avail.

When Krrsantan appeared to pause,[8] Fwip sighed[10] and asked if the Wookiee felt better, before claiming that he, a champion above pettiness, had nothing left to prove. The owner reminded him of his bar tab and told him to release the Trandoshan, promising to cancel his debt. Krrsantan glanced at her but did not obey, instead roaring and tearing off the victim's left arm, much to the onlookers' shock.[8] Fwip let out a sigh[10] and scowled, feeling disgusted,[9] while the Wookiee dropped some credits into the hands of the Twi'lek female server. As Krrsantan exited the building, he growled and stared at Fett, who had observed the altercation from the doorway. The crime lord said to Fwip that her effort had been justified, who shrugged her arms and rolled her eyes, before he left to seek the Wookiee. After Fwip instructed Max Rebo to play music, the cantina attendees resumed their activities. Fett eventually enrolled Krrsantan into his criminal empire.[8]

Personality and traits[]

"Welcome to the Sanctuary. Would you care to partake in any of our sundry offerings?"
―Fwip welcomes Fett[src]

A Twi'lek female, Garsa Fwip had tan skin and brown eyes. When making the acquaintance of Fett and Shand, Fwip was quick to promote the offerings of her cantina to the new arrivals,[1] and did the same upon their second visit.[5] After Krrsantan disrupted the cantina in a fight, she condemned the bloodshed of fighting pits as "horror and cruelty" and believed that her time and place were "more civilised."[8] She was disgusted[9] at the sight of dismemberment.[8]


While greeting the new crime bosses at the Sanctuary,[1] Fwip wore a shimmering[4] gown with robes, a necklace, and a headdress.[1] During Krrsantan's brawl, she wore a white and tan outfit.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

"…Madam Garsa is extraordinary. She is not like any other Twi'lek we've seen. She's enormously wealthy…it was really important to me that it's clear that she's no one's slave and that she's no one's master. That is why she's a madam. She runs a place called the Sanctuary. They have actual plants on a planet where water comes at a premium. That's how wealthy she is."
―Jennifer Beals, on Garsa Fwip[src]

Garsa Fwip character poster for The Book of Boba Fett.

Garsa Fwip first appeared in "Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land," the first episode of the live-action television series The Book of Boba Fett, where she was played by Jennifer Beals.[1] According to Beals, she and director Robert Rodriguez talked about Fwip being like the character Rick from the film Casablanca. Since Fwip was of the opposite gender, she had to step into that power in a different way to how Rick did in his respective film, earning it over gaining it by virtue. Fwip's outfit was designed by costume designer Shawna Trpcic. Beals sent images to Trpcic related to things she saw during meditations, which the designer incorporated into the outfit.[11] The lekku prosthetics that the actress wore were designed to be lightweight, and were perfectly balanced for her skull; they were easy to keep on and could be taken off if she needed a break.[12]


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