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«The rest of us Gamorreans speak in complete sentences! Why can't you?»
Rogua, criticizing Gartogg[2]

Gartogg was one of Jabba the Hutt's nine Gamorrean guards. He was unintelligent even for a Gamorrean and had a knack for coming across murdered corpses (Ak-Buz, Phlegmin, Gonar, and a B'omarr Monk).



Gartogg took it upon himself to investigate Phlegmin's murder and continued to carry his rotten corpse everywhere he went. He desperately wanted to ride on the Khetanna, and Ortugg and Rogua said they'd let him if he solved the murder. After finding the corpse of Lady Valarian's B'omarr Monk, he began to carry it around as well. He finally concluded that Dannik Jerriko (the "snot vampire" as Gartogg referred to him) had killed Phlegmin. Although this was true, Ortugg didn't let him go on the sail barge.

After the sail barge exploded, Gartogg left Tatooine and began working for a smuggling ring, still carrying the mummified corpses of Phlegmin and the B'omarr monk everywhere he went.



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