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Bespin TESB

The gas giant Bespin

"Bespin is a gas giant, which means we have no oceans or lakes."
Jude Edivon[src]

Gas giants were large and massive planets composed chiefly of various gases.[1] They had no solid, well-defined surface,[2] which rendered them uninhabitable in themselves,[3] but at least some of them had a large number of moons.[4][5] Typically, gas giants harbored little life unless their atmosphere comprised a layer capable of supporting oxygen-breathing species.[6] Atmospheres such as these could also harbor turbulent storms within, such as the case with the planet Wynkahthu.[7] Another characteristic of those worlds was the presence of planetary rings made up of several million pieces of debris.[8] In some cases, those debris were rocky in nature and rich in ore.[4]

Due to their significant masses, such planets had gravity wells that created distinct, if minor, hazards for hyperspace travel. Under certain circumstances, a particularly enormous gas giant could become a star in its own right.[1]

Bespin,[9] Endor, Jestefad, Lefrani,[10] Galaan,[5] Hudalla,[8] Noctu,[11] Pujool,[12] Golus,[13] and Yavin were all gas giants. The feature that distinguished Bespin from most of its sister planets was the existence of its oxygen-rich Life Zone, which possessed an unusual abundance of life forms.[6]


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