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"Look how they hunger for the dark."
―Darth Plagueis[src]

Starlight glinted from the hulls of the last of the departing ships. Damask took comfort in knowing that his guests believed they had taken part in something secretive and grand, and had been encouraged to execute campaigns that on the surface may have seemed informed by self-interest but were in fact bits of Sith business . . . Movements in the symphony that was the Grand Plan—[1]

The Gathering was an annual event hosted on Sojourn by Damask Holdings. Some of the galaxy's most influential beings were invited to the Hunters' Moon to participate in various debauched but purposeful festivities incorporating obscure ceremonies and rituals in an encampment near Hego Damask's fortress. While the Gatherings of past generations had simply served as glorified business summits for the financially powerful, particularly under Caar Damask, it was during the reign of kingpin Hego Damask—the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis—that they became infinitely more: a highly complex political tool for shaping gainful alliances and, indeed, the future of the galaxy in accordance to the Sith Grand Plan.

On occasion, the full governing body of the Holdings steering committee met on Sojourn during the Gatherings, as happened for the Gathering of 67 BBY. 'Magester' Damask at that time, after conferring with Holdings colleagues, held audience with several select individuals and delegations from disparate worlds, including those of Nal Hutta and Malastare—to create new alliances, or recast sundry secret combinations, for maximum political gain and financial profit. Criminal cartels came to conspire at that time, and were elegantly received by the Muun overlord, including plotting members of the Gran Protectorate, the Yinchorri High Command, and the colorful entourage of crimelord Gardulla Besadii the Elder.

Damask's Gatherings continued to be hosted until 43 BBY.

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