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"Only dead men fight fair."
―Gault Rennow[src]

Gault Rennow, formerly known as Tyresius Lokai and using an alias Gellar Roing, was a male Devaronian smuggler and con artist. During the Great Galactic War he forged a romantic relationship with Hylo Visz and joined her smuggling contingent. The two formed and executed a plan to profit by breaking the Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian Way, after which Lokai betrayed the woman he loved and absconded with her share of money, causing Hylo to disappear to escape her debts. Lokai led a successful career and lived in luxury style for decades, becoming well-known in galactic underworld. However, over time his debts piled up and resulted in multiple bounties in his head, making Lokai the target of the Great Hunt. He managed to bribe one bounty hunter who was after him, but the other was more persistent, pursuing Lokai across Tatooine. Realizing he did not want to live while constantly looking over his shoulder, Lokai asked the Hunter to fake his death using a lifeless clone body of his and then joined the Hunter's crew, figuring he was safest from the bounty hunters in the company of one.

Changing his name to Gault Rennow, the Devaronian traveled with the Hunter who became the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt for years, during which he came to regret abandoning Hylo and went to look for her. Using his old contacts from the days of the Blockade, he located Hylo in Belsavis prison, where she spend almost three decades in stasis without aging a day. Her anger at him still fresh, Hylo initially wanted nothing to do with Gault, but over time slowly welcomed him back into her life. After the Grand Champion went missing during the Eternal Empire conquest, the crew looked for Hunter as long as they could, but eventually parted ways. Gault worked with several partners, eventually joining the Twi'lek escape artist Vette. During the war against Zakuul the two planned to rob Zakuulan treasury ship Gilded Star, which caused Gault to ask Hylo for help once again. Hylo introduced him to the Alliance that opposed the Eternal Empire and Gault recruited some of its leadership for the heist. Gault assembled his team on Vandin where his old associate Dretcher provided a disguise for Senya Tirall to get aboard the ship's bridge along with SCORPIO. From there, the droid opened the way to the ship's vault for Gault and the Alliance Commander, while Vette disabled the vault's security mechanisms. Gault planted a missile warhead inside the vault, which upon detonation vaporized its entire content of precious metals than was then pumped into the tanker piloted by Lana Beniko. Gault, Vette and the Alliance Commander escaped the ship with Hylo's help and after everyone received their cut for the job, decided to stay and join the Alliance's cause. Gault later participated in the defense of the Alliance base during the Battle of Odessen and the Assault on Odessen.


Hylo Visz and the Hydian Way blockade[]

Hylo and Gault with their associates

"Hylo was my old partner... more than that. That blockade run was the last thing we ever did together. Like I said, a lot of credits were involved."
―Gault Rennow[src]

Tyresius Lokai was allegedly born on Coruscant and became a successful smuggler and con artist by the time of the Great Galactic War. He joined Hylo Visz's smuggling contingent and forged a close relationship with Hylo, engaging in an intermittent but passionate love affair. They ultimately terminated their romantic relationship but remained friends and business partners in their professions as smugglers.[5] Together, they faced an opportunity in 3680 BBY, when the Sith Empire sponsored the rise of Mandalore the Lesser to lead the Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian Way.[6] In the bowels of a Nar Shaddaa cantina,[7] Hylo Visz and Tyresius Lokai[5] summoned their smuggler comrades to discuss the possibility of breaking the blockade and claiming the payment for food goods.[6] Funding for Visz's scheme came from the Hutt Cartel, which agreed to bankroll the operation provided that they receive a considerable return on their investment.[8] With her fellow smugglers in tow, Visz led a convoy of large freighters to the Outer Rim, where they were filled with raw materials and then directed towards the Mandalorian picket line on the Hydian Way. Because the Mandalorians were distracted by the freighters, they easily fell victim to a surprise ambush orchestrated by Visz, emerged from hyperspace with many other smugglers in small vessels and starfighters and engaged the Mandalorian cruisers in the Battle on the Hydian Way. With the addition of the Republic reinforcements to the battle, the Mandalorians were defeated. Following the battle, Visz brought freighters filled with raw materials to Coruscant. The Mirialan was generously paid for her goods[6] and left Coruscant as an incredibly wealthy woman[7] alongside Lokai, the two of them agreeing to split their earnings. However, the Devaronian found himself unable to comply with a legitimate business deal and instead absconded with the money and abandoned Visz to recoup her losses.[9]

Career as Tyresius Lokai[]

"I didn't get to be the famous Tyresius Lokai by placing sucker bets."
―Gault Rennow[src]

Tyresius Lokai lived comfortably for many years, and ran multiple successful cons over more than three decades. His talents for separating the wealthy and powerful with their credits and cargo made him one of the most infamous grifters in the galaxy. At some point he retired and spend a year on Makeb's resorts, spending a hunred million credits belonging to Crown Prince of Alderaan, until the Prince noticed that his funds were missing.[10] Lokai amassed a small fortune, but with it came a considerable debt to his share of enemies, including the Corellian Exchange and over thirty different Hutts including Drooga and Karagga. With the bounties on his head came the paranoia, causing Lokai to constantly look over his shoulder for bounty hunters. Unable to enjoy his lifestyle and unwilling to abandon it, Lokai started to look for a way out.[2] He contacted Anomid identity slicer Dretcher, who provided a genetically identical copy of Lokai to help him fake his own death. The Devaronian later claimed that Dretcher was trying to blackmail him and swindled several prominent residents of Nar Shaddaa in Dretcher's name, which resulted in a bounty on the Anomid's head. Dretcher was able to hide in a Cortosis-layered shipping container with life support for years, but every time he tried to leave under a new identity, Lokai would compromise it.[3]

Lokai's lifeless body double

By 3643 BBY[11] Lokai had bounties on his head from not only criminal syndicates and clan families, but Imperial and Republic security as well, their combined value making him a target in the Mandalorian Great Hunt. His bounty was assigned to Rodian bounty hunter Veeboo Lunx and his rival, the protegee of Crysta Markon. Another Great Hunt participant named Tarro Blood tipped off Lokai about the hunters, hoping to undermine his competitors and Lokai tried to run. However, Lokai's starship was shot down by Veeboo Lunx over Tatooine and he had to make an emergency landing in the Dune Sea, where Lunx caught up with him. Luckily for him, Lokai had enough credits on his person to bribe the Rodian into abandoning the Hunt as well as eliminating the other Hunter. The hyperdrive regulator on his ship was broken, requiring Lokai to find another way off-world. He hired a Human named Dindo as a bodyguard and attempted to leave through Mos Ila Spaceport under alias "Gellar Roing". There, he managed to leave an impression of a stellar businessman to a group of Arconas represented by Groona Biddle, who came to Tatooine to learn the secret of effective moisture farming. However, as a Devaronian he remained highly recognizable and the second Hunter managed to corner and confront him in the Docking Bay 64 before Lokai could leave the planet. Lokai left his guards behind to stall the bounty hunter and escaped to the Lady of Pain's compound, where he asked the Rattataki for a new regulator. The Lady of Pain however was not interested in the goods he had - only in new experiences - and refused to make a deal with him. Lokai spent long enough negotiating with her that the bounty hunter managed to track him down, exposing him to the Lady as an infamous con artist with many marks on his head. The Lady ordered her guards to take Lokai away and to cut off his tongue, but in their search for weapons on his body the guards missed the stun grenade hidden inside one of his horns. As soon as he was away from Lady and the bounty hunter, Lokai used his stun grenade to incapacitate the guards. He then stole the hyperdrive regulator that he required as well as a Swoop Bike that he used to escape the compound. Now having the means to repair his ship, Lokai returned to its landing site, but was followed by the bounty hunter. When Lokai's bodyguard droid NK-33 failed to stop his pursuer, the Devaronian played the last card he had up his sleeve. He revealed the existence of the body double aboard his ship and offered the bounty hunter to take it as a proof of his death, while also asking to join his pursuer's crew, reasoning that while otherwise bounty hunters would never stop coming after him, nobody would expect him to be in the companion of one. The Hunter agreed and Lokai shed his old identity, taking up the name Gault Rennow and joining the bounty hunter aboard his D5-Mantis Patrol Craft.[2]

Becoming Gault Rennow[]

"I think that auction put to bed any lingering doubts that Tyresius is dead and gone."
―Gault Rennow, embracing his new identity[src]

Gault during his travels with the Hunter

Gault, as the man quickly took to call himself, fit in fell with the bounty hunter crew alongside the slicer Mako. He offered the Hunter to make an extra profit for "killing" him by offering to collect other standing bounties on his head beyond the Great Hunt one. The interest for the body of "Tyresius" was so high, Gault eventually decided to auction it by proxy. An impressive gathering of underworld figures showed up, including three pirate crews, a dozen free traders, two Exchange bosses and half a dozen Hutts. The transaction went smoothly and Gault collected the maximum payoff for his own death, dealing the Hunter the promised cut. He also picked up the contact with the Groona Biddle, planning to use Arcona's addiction to salt to get them hooked onto his product. As "Gellar Roing" he set up a front company Roing Industries to sell them salt-laced tablets that he claimed helped to maximize water retention in organic life-forms. Gault then contacted Groona and promised to send him first shipment free of charge, confident his clients will be hooked in no time.[2]

The Hunter soon took down the last Great Hunt targets on Alderaan and the Aurora, becoming the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt and earning an audience with Mandalore the Vindicated, who offered the Hunter access to exclusive set of Blacklist bounties. The Hunter claimed two of those bounties on Taris, where the crew was joined by Mandalorian warrior Torian Cadera, and Hoth, where they picked up Jawa scavenger Blizz. However, a celebration of the Hunter's achievements with other Great Hunt champions turned into a bloodbath, as Republic Jedi Master Jun Seros put Hunter the top of the Republic's Most Wanted list, while his men ambushed and killed the other former Champions. With the entire galaxy gunning for them, Gault suggested working for the Hutts, an idea that Torian was firmly opposed to. Before they could come to blows, the Hunter and the crew received a summons from the Sith Lord Darth Tormen, who offered the Champion to work for him, promising revenge against Jun Seros and Republic Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus for targeting them in return. The Hunter performed several tasks for Tormen, which eventually resulted in their status as the Most Wanted being dropped, as Janarus was replaced as Supreme Chancellor by Leontyne Saresh.[2]

The time spent with his new partner motivated Rennow to make amends for his past misdeeds—specifically, for having robbed and abandoned Hylo Visz.[5] Around 3641 BBY,[11] the Devaronian tracked down Quan, another smuggler who had participated in the blockade run, and convinced him to reveal where Hylo had disappeared to, before shooting him to preserve his new identity. Quan revealed that Hylo Visz convinced another free trader Zale Barrows to hide her on Belsavis in the Republic's top secret Belsavis prison, which existence was only recently uncovered. Gault discovered Visz's prison tomb on Belsavis and released her from the stasis in which she spend the past three decacdes. The Mirialan, who had not been conscious and had not aged since her internment, was initially confused but quickly became furious upon realizing that it was her old boyfriend who had freed her. She was prepared to kill her former partner, but ultimately decided not to attack. The two parted coldly, with Visz leaving Belsavis to return to the galaxy at large.[8] Her anger at Gault eventually subsided, and Hylo contacted him to establish a new relationship. She agreed to take him back, provided he could prove to her that she meant more to him than he meant to himself. The Devaronian eagerly accepted the offer, fully turning a new leaf in his life while Visz began a new chapter in her own.[9]

Raid on the Gilded Star[]

Gault prepars to recruit Dretcher on Vandin

"I know a guy with a habit of showing up when someone's in need. He reached out with an offer we can't really refuse, much as I might want to. You should meet him."
―Hylo Visz preparing Alliance Commander for a meeting with Gault[src]

During the Eternal Empire conquest in 3636 BBY, the Grand Champion went missing. The crew attempted to find the Hunter, even infiltrating the Spire on Zakuul, but unable to locate their target they eventually became broke and went separate ways. Gault had another falling out with Hylo and eventually teamed up with the Twi'lek Vette. During the war against Zakuul in 3630 BBY they came up with a plan to rob the Gilded Star, a treasury ship used by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul to keep the valuables that was hiding deep in the atmosphere of Gas giant Vandin. The ship's vault was so strong, it could survive the rest of the ship being reduced to atoms, which have Gault and Vette an idea on how to empty it of valuables. Setting his plan in motion, Gault placed on order for a functional missile with the Brekken Gang, asking the Nikto to deliver it to Vandin, while also sending to Vette sneak in and retrieve the missile's warhead. Gault also arranged for his old acquaintance Dretcher's hiding place to be shipped to Vandin unannounced.[3]

The warhead was intended to vaporize the vault's content of precious metal for easy transportation while Dretcher's job was to provide disguises, but Gault's scheme also required specific personnel to pull off the operation. For this part, he contacted Hylo, who by now was working with the Alliance that opposed Zakuul and reluctantly invited him to the Alliance base on Odessen. On arrival, Gault played a hand of Holo-Sabacc with Alliance members Theron Shan, Koth Vortena and Lana Beniko, the Force-sensitive Sith and a former Sith Intelligence Minister. During the game, Lana subtly tried to use the Force to read Gault's minds, but he projected dirty thoughts that concealed his hand and allowed his to win, prompting Beniko to accuse him of cheating. Hylo then introduced Gault to the Alliance Commander, whom she previously made aware of the Alliance's strained funds. Gault laid out his proposition, to which the Alliance Commander agreed and team of Alliance personnel which included Beniko, Shan, Senya Tirall and SCORPIO departed with them to Vandin.[3]

Arriving on the gas giant's Tibanna mining platform, Gault took the Alliance Commander to look for Dretcher's hiding container. Immediately recognizing Gault as Tyresius Lokai, Dretcher activated his battle droids and tried to rid of the Devaronian once and for all. However, Gault and the Commander easily destroyed the droids and though Dretcher's container boasted reinforced armor, Gault threatened to kill him by shaking him to death with a sonic amplifier. Dretecher had no choice but to let the Devaronian inside and agree to do his job in exchange for finally getting Tyresius off his back. Gault and the Commander then went to the meeting with the Brekken Gang and its Captain Kenrik Fost. Asking to inspect his missile, Gault announced his refusal to pay for it and, after the Niktos raised their arms, activated the warhead. The Nikto ran away trying to flee the blast radius, but Gault was unable to stop the countdown and it reached zero, only to reveal Vette inside the missile, who had already removed the warhead beforehand. Gault then assembled the entire team at their hideout and layed out his entire plan, assigning everybody's roles. Dretcher's part included forging the identity of High Justice Vaylin for her mother Senya Tirall, who provided a genetic match and required character knowledge and would take SCORPIO aboard as her "attache droid". They would access the bridge and lower security, allowing Vette, Gault and the Commander to get onboard and place the warhead inside the vault, while Shan and Beniko would pilot a tanker to siphon off the vaporized previous metals.[3]

Gault during the raid

When the Gilded Star came up for its annual resupply, the team moved in positions. Dretcher's holographic disguise worked, allowing Senya to get aboard under identity of her daughter. From the bridge, SCORPIO opened the way to the vault for Gault and the Alliance Commander, while Vette used her sneaking skills to disable the vault's security mechanisms. Inside the vault, Gault planted the missile warhead, which upon detonation vaporized its entire content of precious metals, while leaving everything outside the vault safe and intact. The vault's entire content of precious metals was then pumped into the tanker piloted by Lana Beniko and Theron Shan, while SCORPIO and Senya soon joined them. Gault, Vette and the Alliance Commander encountered some difficulties when the only escape route left to them was to take the Skyhook down the way they came, but their path was blocked by real Vaylin, who arrived with an inspection. Determined to avoid confronting her, Gault suggested going outside on the ship's hull, where he received a call from Hylo Visz. His old partner was checking up on their progress and though Gault's companions had no context for the conversation, Hylo realized where Gault and the others were based on the noise and the wind. She piloted a small shuttle so that they could jump off from the Gilded Star directly and picked the three of them, while the rest of their team left aboard Beniko's tanker. Gault congratulated Hylo on the perfect timing and she gave him a kiss in return, the two becoming a couple once again.[3]

Joining the Alliance[]

"I figure you'll be seeing me around. You've got a handy little outfit here. Besides, I wouldn't want Hylo to get lonely."
―Gault Rennow[src]

Gault and Vette join the Alliance after raiding the Gilded Star

Back on Odessen, Gault planned to divide everyone's share himself, but Hylo was having none of it given their previous experiences and payed him, Vette and Dretcher herself, while the major part of the profits went to fund the Alliance's operations. Having a small celebration alongside their new partners, Vette announced her intention to stay and join the Alliance's cause, while Gault did the same, giving him an opportunity to spend more time with Hylo. They both later participated alongside Gault's old associate Torian Cadera in the Battle of Odessen in which the Alliance managed to dethrone Emperor Arcann, only for his sister Vaylin to claim the Eternal Throne instead.[3] Later, following the Invasion of Voss in 3630 BBY rumors spread that the Commander was killed on Dromund Kaas and former Republic Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh arrived in an attempt to take over the Alliance. Gault's face showed surprise when the Commander appeared alive and well to confront Saresh, though he later claimed he was never fooled by her for a moment; he also asked the Commander to deny knowing him if anyone contacted the Commander regarding an life insurance policy paid in their name. When Vaylin launched an Assault on Odessen, Gault joined in the defense of the Alliance base, making a stand against Zakuulan forces alongside Bowdaar. During the battle the Commander was able to land a killing blow on Vaylin, but with the Eternal Throne empty the GEMINI captains have gone rogue, bombarding the capital worlds of Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Zakuul into rubble. To claim the Eternal Throne and stop the carnage, the Alliance forces departed for Zakuul, Gault and Hylo among them. There, the Commander claimed the Eternal Throne and proclaimed the age of the Eternal Alliance, which Hylo and Gault continued to be a part of.[12]

Personality and traits[]

"Thank you, thank you. I will be signing autographs after the smoke clears."
―Gault Rennow, joking in the middle of combat[src]
"Ya win some... Ya lose some... You.. just.. LOST some!"
―Gault Rennow[src]

Gault and his longtime partner Hylo

Tyresius Lokai was a suave criminal, who lived in luxury by suckering gullible people out of their money. The Devaronian claimed he was born lucky, noting that he always came out alright no matter how bad the situation he got himself into was. Early in his career, he was willing to backstab everyone for the money, including the woman he loved. Over time, he regretted that decision and became wiser, for example he never attempted to con the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt knowing the Hunter was too tough and persistent for him to handle. As the number of bounties on his head increased, Lokai took increasingly high precautions about his life, obtaining both droid and organic bodyguards, keeping a stun grenade in his fake horn and eventually making an entire duplicate of himself. According to his former bodyguard Dindo, Lokai able to negotiate better than the Jedi mind trick and the Devaronian was even able to prevent Force-sensitives from reading his thought by imagining really gross and disgusting things.[2]

Gault had a decades long on-and-off-again relationship with Hylo Visz, thanks to both his natural longevity and the decades that Hylo spend in stasis on Belsavis. They broke up and got back together multiple times, occasionally working jobs even between the times they were a couple. Gault ruined Hylo's life big time in the aftermath of the Hydian blockade, robbing the Mirialan of her rewards and leaving her with no money to repay the Hutts, which caused her to hide on Belsavis for decades. He eventually came to regret it and sought her out to release her, after which their relationship continued to have its ups and downs.[2] For example, during her days in the Eternal Alliance Hylo went from willing to shoot the Devaronian to barely tolerating his presence to embracing him in a kiss after spending some more time together.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Gault Rennow appears in the 2011 BioWare game Star Wars: The Old Republic as a companion for the Bounty Hunter class, voiced by Daran Norris. After the completion of "Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder" of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion he becomes a companion for all classes.[2]

During his companion mission, player can allow Gault to swindle Groona Biddle and get him addicted to drugs for Dark Side points, or advise Groona not to deal with him for Light Side points and Gault's disapproval.[2] During Fallen Empire "Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder" Gault will offer to put the excess money into an investment scheme, the player can agree for Dark Side points or either keep the money in the Alliance or share it with people who suffered under Zakuul for Light Side points. During Fallen Empire Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen, player has to assign roles for Torian Cadera, Gault, and Vette, ordering one to stay behind on Odessen, another to sabotage the weapons on the Eternal Flagship, and the third to sabotage the Eternal Flagship's shields. In any choice, the ship is disabled successfully and the ground forces never land on Odessen, with the only difference being in dialogue.[3]



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