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"All the destruction I've seen…all the deaths I've caused by leading the Sith here. My own petty anger has led me to bring this devastating war to the Republic…despite its pleasures and opulence, the Sith Empire is rotten to its core!"
―Gav Daragon[2]

Gav Daragon was a Tetan Human male and a hyperspace explorer who lived in the years up to and during the Great Hyperspace War. At a young age, Daragon was trained in the Force by the Jedi but neglected to fully join the Jedi Order. After his parents, Hok and Timar Daragon, died while running supplies to besieged soldiers on Kirrek, Daragon and his sister, Jori Daragon, inherited the Starbreaker 12, one of their parents' starships, and began careers as hyperspace trailblazers. However, trouble with creditors forced them to flee their homeworld of Koros Major and take a blind hyperspace jump into an uncharted area of the galaxy to avoid assassins and the authorities. When they pulled out of hyperspace, they stumbled upon the legendary Sith Empire, which had been isolated for millennia. Although Daragon tried to keep the meeting with the Sith peaceful, he and his sister were imprisoned by the reigning Sith Lords.

Daragon and his sister were due to be executed, but they were rescued by one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Sith Empire, Naga Sadow. Gav and Jori Daragon were hidden in Sadow's secret fortress on Khar Shian, where Sadow discovered Daragon's Force-sensitivity and began to train him in the dark side of the Force. Sadow was an expansionist and preached to Daragon that he would assist the Sith in a coming war with the Galactic Republic. Meanwhile, Sadow was in a power dispute with another Sith Lord, Ludo Kressh, leading Kressh to attack Sadow's citadel at Khar Delba. Sadow was victorious, and in the chaos he allowed Jori to escape in the Starbreaker 12. With nothing standing in his way, Sadow—as new Dark Lord of the Sith—placed his new apprentice Daragon in charge of the Sith fleets and launched a two-pronged attack on the Galactic Republic, with major battles commencing on Coruscant and in the Koros system.

Daragon personally commanded the attack on Koros Major but, hoping to find his sister on the planet below, took a dropship down to his former home city of Cinnagar. Daragon sought help from an old acquaintance, Aarrba, the owner of Aarrba's Repair Dock, but the old Hutt merely spat in his face. Interpreting this move as an attack, Daragon's Sith Massassi guards slew the Hutt. As a shocked Daragon stood over Aarrba's body, he was confronted by Jori, who blamed him for Aarrba's death. Overwhelmed by emotion, Daragon fled from his sister and returned to his flagship.

No longer loyal to Naga Sadow due to the destruction that the war had caused to both his former home and his relationship with Jori, and feeling that he needed to put a stop to the violence, Daragon went to Primus Goluud, where Sadow was cloistered in his Sith Meditation Sphere, conjuring illusions for the war effort. Daragon fired on Sadow, breaking the Dark Lord's concentration; however, Sadow was able to convince Daragon to meet him face-to-face. When Daragon arrived on the meditation sphere, he realized that he had been tricked; the damaged sphere was empty. The Koros fleet soon arrived in-system along with Jori, and Daragon gave them the coordinates to the Sith Empire's home worlds. Telling his sister goodbye, Daragon was soon killed by solar flares that were summoned by Sadow. The Koros military took Daragon's coordinates and attacked Sadow at Korriban, routing him and ending the Great Hyperspace War.


Early life[]

The Human male Gav Daragon was born on the Deep Core[5] planet of Koros Major.[1] The Korosian was the child of starship operators Hok and Timar Daragon and had a sister, Jori Daragon.[3] At some point in Daragon's childhood, he was found to be Force-sensitive and was trained in the Jedi arts. However, he neglected to fully join the Jedi Order.[6] As children, both Gav and Jori Daragon were given pendants, both containing halves of the same crystal; the two halves tingled when in close proximity to one another.[7]

Acquiring the Starbreaker 12[]

"Jori, you and I can take the Starbreaker 12 and make our parents proud."
"Yes, Gav—nothing can stop us now. We've got the whole galaxy to explore!"
―Gav and Jori Daragon[3]

The Starbreaker 12, the ship that launched Gav and Jori Daragon's fates

In 5000 BBY, the Koros system was flung into civil war as its political leader,[3] Empress[8] Teta, began a war intended to unify the seven worlds of the system. The war went very well for Teta and her forces, as they were able to successfully unite six of the seven worlds in mutual commerce and aid. However, Koros soldiers on the seventh world, Kirrek, had become encircled and besieged by pirates and rebels[3] led by a man named Llaban.[7] While the Koros soldiers were being besieged, many supply runners in civilian ships were called into action to run supplies to the soldiers, including Hok and Timar Daragon. Before their parents' mission, the Daragon siblings accompanied them to Aarrba's Repair Dock in the city of Cinnagar, a starship repair yard owned by a Hutt named Aarrba, to get their parents' main ship, the Shadow Runner, repaired. Aarrba restored the ship for only a percentage of the Daragons' profits, and Daragon and his sister then offered to follow in the Daragons' other ship, the Starbreaker 12. However, their parents refused, saying that it was too dangerous. Aarrba had decided to keep the Starbreaker 12 as collateral until the Daragons returned, ruling out any possibility that their children could follow.[3]

Meanwhile, the Koros forces on Kirrek were joined by two Jedi Knights: Empress Teta's personal advisor, Memit Nadill, and Odan-Urr, a Draethos scholar who had never seen battle before. Together, the two Jedi used an exotic Force power known as battle meditation, which could strengthen the morale and resolve of the Koros soldiers and heighten the fears and doubts of the Kirrek rebels. The use of the ability turned out to be an enormous success, and the Koros forces were able to drive back the rebels. However, the battle meditation had an unexpected side-effect, as it unleashed the last reserves of desperation for the rebels. They began firing at the weakest targets so as to eliminate as many as possible before they themselves were doomed for defeat. The Shadow Runner arrived at Kirrek soon after and was set upon by the pirate guns. Hok and Timar attempted to fly in low and fast and drop the cargo but were unable to take sufficient evasive action, and the ship was destroyed. Daragon and his sister were still at Aarrba's Repair Dock during the battle, working on repairs for the Starbreaker 12. When Aarrba received word about Hok and Timar's death, he attempted to inform the Daragon siblings; they initially believed that the news was that their parents were returning home. However, Aarrba revealed that their parents had been killed and gave them the Starbreaker 12, telling them that their parents had paid for it in blood. While Daragon and his sister were shocked and saddened at first, they decided to take the Starbreaker 12 and explore the galaxy, hoping to honor their parents' memory.[3]

Into the unknown[]

"This is the one! I can feel it!"
―Gav Daragon, before jumping into hyperspace[9]

Now in ownership of the Starbreaker 12, Gav and Jori Daragon became hyperspace explorers. The two were not particularly successful and acquired debts to numerous creditors, including Aarrba, but Daragon remained continually optimistic about their chances of blazing a trail that would bring in lucrative profits. One of their most successful endeavors was the Goluud Corridor, a route passing through the Goluud system. The route was approved by the bureaucrat Shodon Ko of the Navigators' Guild, but its assigned risk factor was high, as it crossed dangerously close to the system's unstable red supergiant star, Primus Goluud. During their travels, the Daragons gained a reputation with Cinnagar Control of being both reckless and persistent explorers. The pair's debts accumulated, forcing them to sell their dwelling in Cinnagar to Aarrba as collateral for repairs after one run. One day, Daragon and his sister went on a hyperspace jump that the former had a good feeling about; the two tried to navigate the treacherous Starswarm Cluster, a route that could potentially net them a fortune from the Navigators' Guild. They made it through the Cluster, but their ship sustained damage, and they only succeeded in mapping a dangerous trail that not returned them any profit. Daragon and his sister were left to limp back to Koros and lost several more critical parts during the journey. The two made their way to Aarrba's Repair Dock, but Aarrba was hesitant to help them, stating that they had no more collateral to offer him. However, the Hutt agreed to repair the ship on one condition: Aarrba would keep the Starbreaker 12 at his dock until repairs were paid in full.[9]

Gav and Jori Daragon are saved from assassins by Odan-Urr and Memit Nadill.

Soon afterward, Daragon received word from Shodon Ko that a Cha'a merchant lord named Ssk Kahorr had used the Goluud Corridor and that a substantial bonus was coming. Daragon took this as a source of pride and quickly informed Aarrba of the incoming money that he would use to pay for the Starbreaker 12's repairs. After leaving Aarrba's Repair Dock, Daragon was accosted by two armed men who informed them that Ssk Kahorr wanted him and Jori dead. The men told him that Kahorr was angry, as the Goluud Corridor had resulted in the destruction of one of his ships, and that Shodon Ko had been recently found murdered. After this incident, Daragon returned to Jori on the Cinnagar streets and recounted his encounter with the men, but also assured her that he would petition the Navigators' Guild for their money. However, they were interrupted by the same two men that Daragon had encountered earlier; this time, the men revealed their allegiance to Ssk Kahorr and attacked. Daragon and Jori attempted to escape, and were pursued through the streets on Cinnagar, before being cornered in a dead-end alley. However, they were saved by Memit Nadill and Odan-Urr, who happened to be passing through the area. One of the attackers was slain by Odan-Urr's lightsaber, and the other fled. Nadill warned Daragon and his sister that the two were not safe in Cinnagar, or on all of Koros, and the two decided to leave the system. Finding themselves without a way to get off-world, Daragon came up with the idea to steal the Starbreaker 12 and escape. Jori agreed, and they took the ship; they left Aarrba's dock with no trouble but were forced to take evasive action once in orbit to escape security ships. Jori entered random coordinates into the navicomputer, and the two fled into the unknown.[9]

The Sith Empire[]

"Greetings from the Republic! We come in peace!"
―Gav Daragon greets the Sith on Korriban[10]

The Daragons arrive on Korriban.

The Starbreaker 12's flight path in hyperspace took her farther than any recorded vessel from Galactic Republic space had ever gone. After a long trip, Daragon decided to pull the Starbreaker 12 out of hyperspace. When they reverted to realspace, they found themselves overlooking a mysterious world. It was only then that they realized how far they had gone; Daragon checked the navicomputer, and saw that they were in a remote, unmapped section of the galaxy. However, the return course was locked in the navicomputer so that they would be able to find their way home. With a smile, Daragon assured Jori that their route would make them an untold fortune from the Navigators' Guild. Daragon was unsure if the dark world before them was inhabited and decided to touch down and explore, realizing that he and his sister were representing the Republic. Daragon landed the ship in a monument-filled valley and introduced himself and his sister to the planet's inhabitants. Much to their surprise, the Daragons were not welcomed by the natives but were instead promptly arrested and detained. Little did Daragon know that he and his sister had stumbled across the fabled Sith Empire, which had been isolated from the galaxy for centuries. He had landed in the middle of the funeral of the recently deceased Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos, which had degenerated into a duel between two Sith Lords, Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow.[10]

Now prisoners, Daragon and his sister were kept in the prisoner level in a fortress on the planet Ziost, the capital world of the Sith Empire. Meanwhile, in the levels above, a great debate raged concerning the Daragons' future. The more conservative Ludo Kressh wanted them to be killed immediately, contending that they were precursors to a Republic invasion, while the progressive Naga Sadow wanted to keep them alive, insisting that they possessed vital information that could facilitate expansion of the Sith Empire. In the dungeons, Daragon struggled to keep his optimism, noting that all great explorers occasionally fell upon hard times. Finally, the two were approached in their cell by a Sith Lord named Simus, who informed them that their fate had been decided: they were to be executed as soon as possible. Daragon was irate at this news and protested that they had not been given a fair trial and that they had given the Sith no information whatsoever, but these complaints fell on deaf ears. Unbeknownst to the Daragons, however, Naga Sadow had formulated a plan to free Daragon and his sister, so as to bring about renewed contact with the Republic.[6]

Sadow secretly took a task force of Sith Massassi warriors to Ziost and attacked the fortress. Sadow ordered the Massassi to go to the prisoner level and take the Daragons in order to ensure that the siblings were not harmed. At the time, the Daragons were at their most distraught, huddled together and lamenting their fate. Daragon surmised that he should have continued his Jedi training and bemoaned the fact that the random spin of the navicomputer coordinates had brought them here. When he heard the Massassi coming, Daragon straightened up and vowed not to go down without a fight. However, they were greeted not by executioners, but by Naga Sadow, who had eliminated the guards. Sadow told the Daragons that he was rescuing them and ordered them to follow the Massassi to his ship. Sadow had Daragon taken to his hidden fortress on the moon of Khar Shian, while he returned to Ziost for an urgent meeting of Sith. Daragon and his sister were finally safe.[6]

Sadow's apprentice[]

"The Sith magic you learn will be a powerful ally in our coming struggle."
―Naga Sadow, to Gav Daragon[11]

Gav Daragon practices the Sith magic taught to him by Naga Sadow.

Upon reaching Khar Shian, Daragon and his sister were split up, with Jori being brought to Sadow's decoy fortress on Khar Delba. Although Sadow insisted that Daragon was not a prisoner, the young man was soon overwhelmed by boredom. In the meantime, Naga Sadow recognized Daragon's Force-sensitivity and taught him several rudimentary techniques in the dark side of the Force, powers that Daragon realized were very different from those he had learned from the Jedi. Daragon was also educated in the exotic arts of Sith magic. Sadow encouraged Daragon and revealed to him that he harbored a very strong, undeveloped talent. Daragon learned that Sadow expected him to become a Force adept before the Human would be allowed to return home. Unbeknownst to Daragon, Sadow was working in his own machinations in the meantime; he staged a Republic attack on the Starbreaker 12's hangar—which was under Kressh's direct control—and had his men steal the ship. Arriving after the attack had taken place, Ludo Kressh was infuriated when he found Sadow's emblem at the scene. Angered by Sadow's treachery, Kressh gathered two of his allies, Horak-mul and Dor Gal-ram, and launched an attack on Sadow.[11]

Kressh and his allies attacked Khar Delba with all their firepower. On Khar Shian, Daragon noticed the fire of the battle and was bewildered by the occurrences, having no knowledge of the current events. When he tried to ask the Massassi guards what was going on, they refused to respond. Although Daragon was distraught at being out of the loop, he supposed that Sadow knew what he was doing and was solely concerned with his sister Jori's safety. Eventually, Daragon discovered a way to monitor the battle from Khar Shian and surmised that Naga Sadow could use all his time to teach him Sith abilities, as he was the only student that Sadow had left. Additionally, Daragon discovered that the Starbreaker 12 was gone; with Sadow's help, Jori had escaped the Sith Empire in the ship. Meanwhile, in the battle, Sadow used deception and trickery to decimate Kressh's fleet. Defeated, Kressh fled.[12]


"The glory of the Sith Empire will endure forever. It is our destiny. Anyone can see that."
―Naga Sadow, to Gav Daragon[4]

Gav Daragon and Naga Sadow at a war rally on Ch'hodos

On Khar Delba, Daragon was at Naga Sadow's side while he oversaw the reconstruction and repairs to the citadel that had been attacked by Kressh. During this time, Sadow—who had risen to be the new Dark Lord of the Sith with Kressh's defeat—gave him jewels and boasted about the opulence and glory of the Sith Empire, stating that the Republic would give them everything they needed. Although Daragon was initially reluctant to help Sadow strike at the Republic, memories of his suffering and destitute life on Koros Major following his parents' death, accompanied with Sadow's persuasion, convinced him otherwise. By that time, Sadow had gained the support of all the other Sith Lords. One day, Sadow had Daragon accompany him to a meeting on the newly repaired citadel on Khar Delba, where Sadow proclaimed that the Sith Empire's fleet was ready to move out across the starlanes and attack the Republic. However, Sadow was interrupted by an urgent message; Ludo Kressh had returned in his flagship. Sadow and Daragon promptly received a communiqué from Kressh, who proclaimed that Sadow was a traitor. After hearing this message, Daragon was ordered to activate the automated systems that would jam the transmission. However, when Daragon turned the system on, the citadel's turrets activated, destroying the ship and seemingly killing Kressh. Daragon was furious at Sadow's trickery, as he had never killed before, but Sadow reassured him that he had done an important deed, clearing the way on the road to the Republic. Sadow then revealed that he had placed a tracking device on the Starbreaker 12, showing to them the way back to the Republic, and that the time had come to attack.[4]

With war preparations in full swing, Daragon went with Sadow to Ch'hodos, the central base of the Sith Lord Shar Dakhan, for a military rally. It was there that Daragon learned from Sadow that he would be remembered in history as a victorious hero upon his return to the Republic. Daragon replied that he was only excited to see Jori again and told Sadow of his desire to keep her safe during the fighting; Sadow assured him that the fighting would not last long and would end in a rout. Meanwhile, preparations continued, with Sadow amassing a large force from all corners of the Sith Empire, including a substantial fleet and an even larger army of ground troops and war beasts. When the Sith force was finally ready, the fleet gathered near Khar Shian, which served as the army's staging point. Daragon took up post on Naga Sadow's personal Sith Meditation Sphere. With the war's beginning in sight, Daragon questioned the strategy of leaving the Sith Empire's worlds undefended while the fleet went to fight the Republic. However, Sadow replied that they needed to focus on their new target. Sadow then gave Daragon a large responsibility; because of his service and knowledge of the Republic, Sadow appointed Daragon the commander of the force from the bridge of Sadow's flagship. Although Daragon was hesitant to do so, as he had never commanded anything before, he ultimately accepted the offer. Now ready to fight, the Sith force launched to initiate the Great Hyperspace War.[13]

The Great Hyperspace War[]

"Cinnagar… what have I done to my city?"
―Gav Daragon, during the Battle of Koros Major[7]

Gav Daragon's dropship approaches Cinnagar.

Following the Starbreaker 12's beacon, the massive Sith fleet arrived in the Koros system and immediately found the Starbreaker 12 flying in local space. Daragon was shocked, believing that he had found Jori. However, despite Daragon's protests, Sadow ordered his men to lock onto the ship and fire, obliterating the ship. Angered, Daragon hoped that Jori was not on the ship; Sadow responded by telling Daragon to check his sensors, which showed that there were no Human lifeforms on the Starbreaker 12. Sadow then set the plan into motion, ordering the fleet to split in two. One part attacked the Koros system, while the remainder of the force struck at the heart of the Republic, Coruscant. Withdrawing to his meditation sphere, Sadow informed Daragon that he would be leading the main fleet. Daragon led the Sith force on a large attack on the Koros system, fighting both Teta's soldiers and Llaban's fighters—who had joined forces with the Empress—on Kirrek. With the battle fully underway, Daragon decided to personally land in Cinnagar with a contingent of Massassi guards, believing that if he could shut down Cinnagar's defenses, they would win a near-bloodless victory. He also hoped to find Jori amidst the chaos.[7]

Daragon took the trip back to Cinnagar in a Sith dropship and wept upon seeing the devastation that he had inflicted upon his city. He landed near Aarrba's Repair Dock and entered the shop, hoping to find Jori, as his pendant was glowing. Daragon pleaded with Aarrba for his help; however, the aged Hutt merely spat in his face. Interpreting the move as an attack on their commander, the Massassi guards attacked Aarrba, stabbing him in the abdomen with a spear. Mortally wounded, the Hutt's last act was to crush his assailants by rolling off his hoversled onto them. Shocked, Daragon reprimanded the remaining guards, saying that Aarrba's action had not been an attack. At that moment, Jori Daragon entered Aarrba's Repair Dock and, upon witnessing the scene, blamed Daragon for Aarrba's death. Stunned and grieved, Jori proclaimed that Daragon was not the brother that she knew. She withdrew a lightsaber, given to her by Odan-Urr before the battle, and attacked and killed the Massasi guards.[7] Jori confronted Daragon, asking why he had done all the things he did. Overwhelmed by sadness, Daragon cast his pendant at Jori's feet and fled.[2]


"Goodbye, Jori."
―Gav Daragon's last words[2]

Gav Daragon preparing to attack Naga Sadow

Daragon ran to his dropship and returned to his main battleship. He knew that he needed to stop Naga Sadow and end the war. Daragon ordered the battleship to go into hyperspace, along his old route the Goluud Corridor, and head for the Goluud system, where Sadow was waiting in his meditation sphere. Sitting alone on the bridge, Daragon pondered the events of the Great Hyperspace War and expressed his extreme regret at the deaths that he had caused. His faith in the Sith Empire shattered, Daragon ordered the ship's gunners to fire on Sadow's meditation sphere, where Sadow was sequestered conjuring illusions to assist the war effort. The attack did indeed break Sadow's concentration, and on both Coruscant and Koros, Sadow's illusions disappeared into nothingness, causing the battles to turn in favor of the Republic. Sadow messaged Daragon, asking that he come to the meditation sphere to face him, and he accepted. Upon reaching the meditation sphere, however, Daragon found it empty and realized that he had been tricked.[2]

A message from Sadow came over the intercom speakers, calling Daragon a traitor and announcing that he would deal with him after the fighting had finished. Inside the damaged sphere, Daragon frantically searched for a working system, finding that only the comm operated properly. Daragon attempted to contact Teta's forces, and they arrived almost immediately, including both Jori and Empress Teta, who told Daragon to surrender and prepare to be boarded. Daragon instead told them that the Sith Empire had left their home worlds undefended and that the Koros fleet could attack and seal victory. However, at that moment, the remnants of Sadow's battered fleet arrived in the Goluud system, attacking the Koros forces. Sadow, now in control, used a secret weapon to trigger solar flares in the unstable Primus Goluud. Knowing what Sadow had done would surely kill him, Daragon told Jori and the Koros forces to escape while they still could. Sadow's forces fled back to the Sith Empire, while Jori could not bring herself to leave her brother. Gav Daragon's final words were to tell his sister goodbye, and the Koros forces left the Goluud system while Daragon perished in the meditation sphere.[2]


"The Sith Empire thrived, until its discovery by... Gav and Jori Daragon. That discovery led to the Great Hyperspace War, which I understand the Sith lost. It was during that time that the Omen crashed, and I'm afraid I don't know very much after that."
―Vestara Khai[14]

Gav and Jori Daragon

Back on Cinnagar, Gav Daragon's sister Jori took over operations on Aarrba's Repair Dock after the conclusion of the war.[15] Years after his lifetime, Gav Daragon was remembered for his role in starting the Great Hyperspace War,[16] including in a compilation of Jedi history and lore created by the Jedi historian Tionne Solusar in 40 ABY. In the years after the Daragons, some historians pointed out that the Great Hyperspace War might have been avoided had Jedi Odan-Urr not saved the Daragons from Kahorr's assassins, but Solusar believed that the Daragons could not be held responsible for the start of the war.[17] The pair's role was long remembered throughout history for blazing what was considered one of the most remarkable hyperlanes of the Old Republic era. The hyperlane, named the Daragon Trail, provided a passage directly from the Deep Core to Sith space.[18] He was additionally mentioned in a historical text written by the historian Voren Na'al long after Daragon's death.[19] During the Cold War between the Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, a Valor-class cruiser was named the Gav Daragon in Daragon's honor.[20] Information about the Daragons was also included on the Omen, a ship bearing a group of people who would eventually found the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh.[14]

Personality and traits[]

"Hey, I've got a good feeling about this one!"
―Gav Daragon[src]

Gav Daragon and his beloved sister, Jori

Gav Daragon was always very optimistic, despite his poor financial situation. Every time he went on a hyperspace run, he was always convinced that it would be the one that would get him and Jori their fortune.[9] Even after countless failures, he never lost his optimism, and when he and Jori were confined to a small, cramped cell in the Sith Empire, Daragon still preached that it could be worse.[6] His optimism was only surpassed by his love and caring for his sister Jori, which led him to willingly serve Naga Sadow to help him to give her a better life.[4] Daragon would do anything to help Jori, including aiding in the attack on his home Cinnagar and the Galactic Republic as a whole.[7] Even with the end of his life drawing near and the Koros forces' order for him to surrender, Daragon helped Jori by telling them of the Sith Empire's crucial weakness and then to leave before they were killed by Primus Goluud's solar flares.[2] Although he only aided Sadow to help Jori, Daragon came to greatly regret his complicity in the Great Hyperspace War. In his dropship, finally witnessing the destruction that he had wrought upon his home, Daragon wept for his role in igniting the conflict. Also, when confronted by Jori in Aarrba's Repair Dock, Daragon could not bring himself to explain his actions, overwhelmed by grief and remorse.[7]

Gav Daragon was a very daring individual; even as a relatively young and inexperienced pilot, he still offered to accompany his parents on a very dangerous mission to run supplies to the besieged Koros soldiers on Kirrek.[3] When confronted by Kahorr's bounty, Daragon recklessly stole his ship from Aarrba's Repair Dock, made a daring escape from Cinnagar security forces, and fearlessly jumped into unknown territory.[9] He did not fear meeting the Sith upon making his first landing on Korriban and instead greeted them with a smile.[10] He quickly lost faith and became apathetic and distraught when they were imprisoned on Ziost.[6] However, by the end of his apprenticeship to Naga Sadow, Daragon had regained his nerve. Knowingly disobeying Sadow, Daragon rebelled and tried to eliminate his Sith Master over Primus Goluud, knowing that he had a chance to end the violence. Although aware of the risks, Daragon still decided to go across to Sadow's Sith Meditation Sphere to face him down. Despite being tricked, Daragon did not panic and was able to guide his sister and the Koros forces to safety in the last moments of his life.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

"You have a powerful innate talent, Gav Daragon."
―Naga Sadow[11]

Gav Daragon was naturally Force-sensitive, and in his childhood, his affinity for the Force was strong enough that he was trained in the Jedi arts by Jedi Masters. Although he declined to fully join the Jedi Order,[9] he still recalled some of the techniques that he was taught, while in adulthood. This Force-sensitivity was later rediscovered by Naga Sadow, who trained him in the dark side of the Force and in the techniques of Sith magic. Daragon remarked that the powers taught to him by Sadow, including the ability to conjure illusions, were radically different from the ones taught to him by the Jedi.[12]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Gav Daragon was conceived and written by Kevin J. Anderson[21] for the Tales of the Jedi comic book series and first appeared in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Golden Age of the Sith, Anderson's second solo story arc following the conclusion of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - Dark Lords of the Sith. Gav was originally illustrated by Chris Gossett during his initial appearance in The Golden Age of the Sith,[3] but for the next five issues of The Golden Age of the Sith series, he was sketched by penciller Dario Carrasco, Jr., and black-and-white drawings of the character were included in the back of the first issue of The Golden Age of the Sith.[9] He subsequently appeared in one later installment of Tales of the Jedi that was entitled The Fall of the Sith Empire,[4] and various reference materials describing the events and characters of the series, including The New Essential Guide to Characters[1] and The New Essential Chronology, both by Daniel Wallace.[19]

The Daragon Trail was later explicitly placed and drawn in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas. Gav Daragon also was depicted in that work, with the illustration drawn by Chris Trevas.[18] Although Gav Daragon's eyes were said to be blue in The New Essential Guide to Characters,[1] they are clearly brown in both of the Tales of the Jedi arcs in which he appears.[2] This article uses the The New Essential Guide to Characters, as it is the only source that explicitly states the eye color.



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