"Soon, if you do not wish to be angry, you will not become so. If you do not wish to be afraid, you will cease to be. Even happiness can interfere. You will learn to use your anger, your fear, your hatred. You will choose which emotions you will feel and when. They will become weapons, just like a lightsaber, and you will be their wielder."
―Gavar Khai, to his daughter, Vestara[1]

Gavar Khai was a male Human Sith Saber in the Lost Tribe of Sith from the planet Kesh. Khai married a non-Force-sensitive woman, Lahka, with whom he had one daughter, Vestara. In 41 ABY, the meditation sphere Ship arrived on Kesh and spoke with Gavar's daughter, resulting in her apprenticeship to Lady Rhea. In 43.5 ABY, after a strike team failed to kill the Jedi Luke and Ben Skywalker, Vestara, the sole Sith survivor, contacted the Tribe to retrieve her from the planet Dathomir. Gavar Khai was chosen as part of the force led by High Lord Sarasu Taalon to retrieve Vestara and ally themselves with the Jedi with the purpose of confronting the dark side being Abeloth. After allying with the Jedi, the fleet waited at the planet Klatooine for businessman Lando Calrissian to arrive with an asteroid tug for assistance in navigating the Maw. Eventually, the Sith and Jedi agreed to continue their mission and wait for Calrissian just outside the Maw. The fleet, with Calrissian's help, traveled to Abeloth's planet, where Khai accompanied Taalon and the Jedi to the realm beyond shadows in an attempt to locate Abeloth.

The strike team soon found and battled Abeloth, and the Sith betrayed the Jedi as Khai attacked Luke. Ben quickly intervened, however, and dueled Khai as Luke fought Abeloth and the other Sith—who were attempting to capture her for the Tribe. Abeloth was then seemingly killed by Luke, and the Khais, Skywalkers, and Taalon remained on the planet to investigate more into Abeloth. They soon learned that Abeloth had not actually died, and in their ensuing search they found a Force nexus, the Pool of Knowledge, where a duel broke out. Khai lost his forearm to Luke's lightsaber, but the Jedi fled. Khai and Taalon then sent Vestara on a mission to spy on the Jedi, pretending that she had fled from the Sith. Khai left in Ship with Taalon—who had begun to transform into an Abeloth-like being—and met up with other members of the Sith's war fleet.

Khai and the Sith later forced the Jedi on the moon Pydyr to help them find Abeloth. Upon locating the Force-sensitive Fallanassi who were hiding her, Khai held one of them hostage while Taalon questioned another, Akanah. Gavar killed the hostage on Taalon's orders, and Akanah—who was possessed by Abeloth—drove Khai mad with visions until Vestara knocked him out. He was awakened by Luke in time to hear the Jedi praise Vestara for killing Taalon, and Vestara knocked him out again and fled with the Jedi. Nevertheless, Vestara soon informed Khai that Abeloth was on the planet Nam Chorios. Khai led a flotilla to the world to kill Luke and defeat or capture Abeloth, but they were ambushed by a Jedi fleet and forced to retreat. Abeloth subsequently offered an alliance; Khai brought her to Kesh, but she betrayed the Sith and destroyed their city, killing, among others, Lahka. Still, Gavar decided to follow Abeloth, and he and nine other Sabers soon encountered Vestara, the Skywalkers, and Jedi Knight Jaina Solo on the planet Dromund Kaas. In the ensuing duel, Gavar was killed by his daughter.


Early life[]

"…how come Gavar Khai didn't marry a fellow Force-sensitive?"
"I—I suppose because he loved her."
―Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai[5]

Khai's daughter, Vestara

Gavar Khai was a male Force-sensitive Human from the remote[1] Wild Space[6] planet Kesh. He was the son of Thallis Khai, a member of the Lost Tribe of Sith—descendants of a group of Sith whose starship, the Omen, had crash-landed on Kesh around 5000 BBY during the Great Hyperspace War. With the Tribe, Gavar Khai was trained in the ways of the Sith, and he completed his apprenticeship and was pronounced a Sith Saber. Khai fell in love with a woman, Lahka, and married her, even though she was not Force-sensitive.[1] They lived in a private estate in the capital city Tahv.[2] In 27.5 ABY, they had one child, a girl, whom they named Vestara.[1] Gavar was present in 37 ABY during the festivities known as Presentation, when Vestara entered a competition to obtain a reptavian uvak, in which she won Tikk.[7] 4 years later, a Sith Meditation Sphere, Ship, arrived on Kesh and spoke first with Vestara, who was at that time a Sith Tyro.[1]

Vestara was then called to the Circle Chambers in Tahv by the Circle of Lords, the Tribe's ruling council. Gavar was concerned for his daughter and inquired as to whether she'd done anything wrong. Vestara had not, and he stopped by his daughter's chamber the next morning as her attendant, Muura, helped her prepare for the appointment. Gavar attempted to mask his concern for Vestara, but she was able to sense that he was troubled. At her meeting with the Lords, Vestara was assigned to be the apprentice of Lady Rhea, since she had been singled out specifically by Ship. As an apprentice, she was to live at the Sith Temple and would not be permitted to see her family, so Gavar arranged for his daughter's few necessary possessions to be sent to the Temple.[1]

Soon thereafter, Ship alerted the Sith to the presence of a Damorian S18 light freighter en route from the planet Eriadu and called for five Sith to assist in its capture. Gavar was present at the meeting, wherein his daughter was chosen as part of the strike team, along with Gavar's good friend, Ruku Myal. Ship then took Vestara, Myal, Rhea, and two other members of the Tribe offworld for the first time in order to attack the freighter.[8] Following the mission, Ship continued assisting the Sith in their quest to capture vessels in order to form a new armada.[1]

Alliance with the Skywalkers[]

"You did fine work on Dathomir. And even though your Master is dead, you are still to be granted the rank of apprentice. We will find a new Master for you when this business with Abeloth and the Skywalkers is complete. I am sure many will be eager to teach you."
―Gavar Khai to his daughter, Vestara[5]

In 43.5 ABY, Vestara was chosen to be a part of the strike team sent to kill Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben Skywalker. However, the mission failed, and Vestara was the sole survivor. After fleeing to Dathomir, she sent out a hypercomm message to the Tribe to retrieve her. She also created a plan to capture the dark side Nightsisters of Dathomir.[9] Gavar Khai was chosen to be a part of the force of eleven ChaseMaster frigates, under the command of High Lord Sarasu Taalon, to retrieve Vestara and the Nightsisters and confront the Skywalkers. Confronting the Jedi in orbit over Dathomir, the Sith formed an alliance with the Skywalkers to take down Abeloth, a powerful dark side being whom the Skywalkers and Vestara had previously encountered. Khai then convinced the Jedi to let him come aboard their ship to speak with his daughter. There, he reassured her and gave her a shikkar so that she could eventually kill one of the Jedi.[5]

The Jedi and Sith then traveled to Klatooine to meet up with businessman Lando Calrissian, who was to provide them with a Colossus I Beta Series asteroid tug, the Rockhound, for use in navigating the Maw. While there, Vestara and Ben Skywalker went planet-side along with the Force-sensitive Dyon Stadd, to restock their supplies. However, while there, Stadd succumbed to a mysterious psychosis, and in order to stop him from damaging the natives' precious relic, the Fountain of the Ancients, Vestara helped Ben capture Stadd, although all three were quickly detained by local guards. Gavar Khai and Luke Skywalker then went down to the surface to retrieve their children from the detention center. Khai confronted his daughter for helping the young Skywalker, but Vestara replied that she had helped him in order to cement his trust in her, and Khai's anger subsided.[5]

Into the Maw[]

"You're good for a whelp."
"Should have done this the first time I saw you."
―Gavar Khai and Ben Skywalker, while dueling[5]

Luke Skywalker

Eventually, the Sith and Jedi decided that they could wait no longer for Calrissian's arrival and embarked on their mission, waiting for Calrissian and the Rockhound just outside the Maw. Calrissian and the ancient asteroid tug soon arrived with Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, and the fleet entered the Maw through Stable Zone One. However, the space station Sinkhole Station, their first destination in the Maw, had been destroyed; so the group decided to go straight to Abeloth's planet. Upon their arrival, Khai, Taalon, and Sith Captain Leeha Faal met with Vestara and the Skywalkers, and the elder Jedi suggested that they utilize the technique of Mind Walking to enter the realm of beyond shadows in order to locate Abeloth. Vestara warned the Sith against it, as she knew it was a dangerous practice, but Khai chided her and the Sith agreed to the task.[5]

While walking at the Lake of Apparitions beyond shadows, Skywalker stumbled, but Khai steadied him. Faal stumbled and fell soon after and was dragged down into the Depths of Eternity, resulting in her death. Taalon attempted to help her, but Khai held him back, realizing it was too late. Skywalker then was visited by the spirit of his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, who revealed that the presence he had been feeling while aboard his ship had not been hers. He realized then that it had been Abeloth, and decided that they needed to leave the realm immediately. Meanwhile, Vestara had placed a homing beacon upon Stadd and freed him, and the Khais, Skywalkers, and the other Sith tracked him to Abeloth's cave. They found Stadd—no longer possessed by the psychosis—there, and he revealed to them that Abeloth had drained nearly all of his life energy, and then had gone deeper into the cave.[5]

The Jedi and Sith eventually found her in the ruins of an old courtyard behind the cave, and while Abeloth attempted to trick Skywalker into believing she was his lost love, Callista Ming, the Sith began to weave a control web—a Force technique they learned from the Nightsisters—above Abeloth. Skywalker finally saw through Abeloth's lies and attacked her, and Khai, Taalon, and two more Sith Sabers joined in the battle, even as Abeloth attacked and nearly killed Khai's daughter. Abeloth held her assailants at bay with her Force powers, and one of Khai's attacks accidentally killed one of his fellow Sith Sabers. As the Sith and Jedi regrouped for another attack, Khai feinted as if to attack Abeloth, before suddenly initiating the Sith's betrayal of the Jedi and attacking Skywalker even as the other Sith lowered their control web over Abeloth.[5]

Ben Skywalker quickly moved in to attack Khai, and Khai began dueling the Jedi Knight. As Luke Skywalker struggled against the Sith and Abeloth, Khai found himself hard-pressed to defeat Ben, attempting in vain to goad the young Jedi into giving into his hatred. Suddenly, Abeloth released a powerful Force wave that knocked everyone aside, allowing her to flee. The Sith and Jedi followed her, finding her back at the entrance to the cave, where Luke Skywalker defeated her. The Jedi and Sith then agreed to send Calrissian, Solo, and all of the Sith forces off-planet, except for the Khais and Taalon, who were to remain with the Skywalkers to investigate more into Abeloth.[5]

Resuming the hunt[]

"A plausible story is not always a true one. By all accounts, Abeloth has lived on this planet for dozens of millennia. Why would she pick now to leave?"
"First, because she's wounded and being hunted. Second, because she can."
―Gavar Khai and Ben Skywalker[4]
BenSkywalker Atlas

Ben Skywalker

Khai, Taalon, and Luke Skywalker found ancient ruins on the world and began to explore them, hoping to learn something from them about Abeloth's nature. Two days after the battle, the Sith finally decided to burn their dead, and Khai tended to the pyre while carefully watching Abeloth's corpse. As Taalon and Skywalker prepared to explore the Font of Power—a powerful dark side Force nexus—Taalon ordered Khai not to intervene unless the Jedi attacked. Meanwhile, Ben and Vestara arrived on the scene, and Gavar questioned what they were doing, as they were supposed to be on the Jade Shadow. Vestara replied that circumstances had necessitated her leaving her post.[4]

When Taalon and Luke Skywalker returned, Taalon went off with Vestara to hear of the circumstances—she had in fact felt Ship returning to the world. Fearing that Taalon was beating her for her faliure to obey his orders, Luke moved to intervene. Gavar began to stop him, but Luke sent him flying forward into his grasp with the Force. Ben realized that his father was causing a distraction so that he could steal Abeloth's corpse, but as he neared the body, Vestara and Taalon returned and confronted him. As Ben and Taalon began to fight, however, Vestara shouted for them to wait. Luke and Gavar then came running to the scene in time to see Abeloth's corpse morph into that of Dyon Stadd—she had somehow switched bodies with Stadd before Luke could kill her.[4]

Following a three-hour standoff, the Jedi finally convinced the three Sith that it would be in their best interests to return to the Jade Shadow. However, by the time they arrived, Abeloth had fled. As Ship arrived on the world, the tenuous allies decided to search through the jungle for Abeloth, but to no avail. Gavar began to suspect that the Skywalkers had actually already found Abeloth and hidden her body, and were attempting to get rid of the Sith so that they could flee with their prize. As the Jedi and Sith returned to their ships, the Jedi suggested that Ship had actually returned at Abeloth's will, to help her escape. When the Sith questioned why she would choose to do so now, after all evidence suggested that she had been on the planet for millennia, Ben revealed to the Sith that he and his father had found evidence that suggested that Sinkhole Station's purpose had been to confine Abeloth, but that the station had begun to malfunction, allowing her to grow in power and eventually destroy it.[4]

Broken alliance[]

"Jedi treachery! I should have killed you days aaah—" [Luke Force-pushes him away]
"Days ago, Gavar, you might have had a chance to succeed."
―Gavar Khai and Luke Skywalker[4]

The Sith remained dubious of the Jedi, and Taalon decided to converse with Ship. The vessel suggested that Luke Skywalker would know where to find Abeloth, and he was forced to reveal that Ship was referring to the Pool of Knowledge—a Force nexus that Luke had visited while beyond shadows at Sinkhole Station. Ship transported the five wary allies to a cleft near the pool, and they broke up into two search parties—Gavar, Luke, and Taalon in one, and Vestara and Ben in the other—to search for the pool. Vestara and Ben found it first, and despite Ben's warning that they should not intervene with such dangerous knowledge, Vestara summoned the other searchers. When Gavar and the rest of his party arrived, they entered the grotto containing the pool.[4]

In the pool, Ben saw an image of Abeloth running toward their ships, and realized that Ship's bringing them there had been a ploy to allow Abeloth to escape. Gavar questioned his daughter whether she had seen the same thing in the pool, and she replied that she had not been looking at the time, but that she believed Ben was right. However, an image of Kesh, centered on Tahv and the nearby Takara Mountains, suddenly appeared in the pool. Certain that the Jedi were trying to uncover the Sith homeworld, Gavar furiously used the Force to dispel the image and then turned on Ben. Before he could attack, however, Luke sent him flying across the grotto with a Force push, warning him not to threaten his son. Taalon, meanwhile, ignored Gavar's predicament as he found himself gazing upon a Jedi queen on the Throne of Balance in the pool. Fearing that she might stop the Sith from taking over the galaxy, he demanded to know who she was.[4]

The Jedi quickly ignited their lightsabers, choosing that moment to attack. Gavar threw his shikkar at Luke, but the Grand Master dove aside, and the blade shattered against the floor. Taalon, meanwhile, had jumped into the pool; Ben started to go after him, but Luke prevented him from doing so. Gavar then began to fire Force lightning at Luke, and Ben opened fire on the Sith Saber with his blaster, sending him slamming back into the wall. As Taalon jumped out of the pool and Luke moved to engage the High Lord, Gavar let loose his parang at Ben, who slashed the weapon in half with his lightsaber. However, Gavar continued to guide it with the Force, sending a broken shard of the parang straight between the Jedi Knight's ribs. Khai turned to engage Luke, but the Grand Master sent him crashing into Taalon and sliced off the Sith Saber's forearm. Luke was sent flying back by Force lightning, and the two Jedi quickly fled the grotto, collapsing the entrance as they left.[4]

The Sith soon escaped, and Taalon and Gavar formulated a plan wherein they would beat Vestara and make it look like she was fleeing them, so that the Skywalkers would take her in and she could gain their trust and learn from them everything about the Jedi queen that Taalon had seen. Gavar feared that the Jedi would not be fooled unless they caused some disfiguring, and even suggested a broken nose or a burst eyeball, but Taalon disagreed. The two Sith then questioned Ben's feelings for Vestara, and hers for him; and Taalon revealed that he wanted her to fall in love with Ben, so that he would fall in love with her in turn, and she would gain his trust. They then released Vestara to catch up to the Skywalkers, chasing after her in order to stage her escape.[4]

Luke Skywalker EA

Luke Skywalker

Vestara arrived at the beach where they had left their ships to find the Jade Shadow gone. Fearing that the Skywalkers had already left, she awaited her father and Taalon. Unknown to her, Abeloth had taken the Jade Shadow, and the Skywalkers were preparing to steal Taalon's shuttle, the Emiax. Luke saw her waiting and realized that her flight was a ruse; however, Gavar and Taalon soon arrived on the scene, and Taalon blasted Vestara with Force lightning, sending her flying over a sandy bank. Luke opened fire on the two Sith, but both dodged; two bolts clipped Taalon, but none hit Gavar. The two Sith began to return fire, and Luke retreated down to Vestara, continuing to cover his back with blasterfire. As Gavar and Taalon moved cautiously forward, they came across a thermal detonator that Luke had thrown near them. The resulting explosion cleared a large area of the jungle, and Vestara and the Skywalkers fled to the Emiax. Just as they began to board, Gavar and Taalon emerged from the middle of the crater left by the detonator. Luke again opened fire, and the two Sith dodged for cover as the Jedi escaped.[4]


"This is the home of the Fallanassi? It looks like Abeloth's planet in the Maw!"
―Gavar Khai[4]

After the Skywalkers left with Vestara, Taalon commanded Ship to take the two Sith out of the Maw. After leaving the Maw, Gavar and the High Lord met up with other members of the Sith armada, and Taalon continued to transform into the same kind of entity as Abeloth—a transformation that had been caused by his dive in the Pool of Knowledge. Meanwhile, Vestara and the Skywalkers tracked Abeloth to Pydyr, a moon of the planet Almania. In the Corocus Spaceport, Vestara managed to sneak off of the Emiax and send a message from a public S-thread booth to a Sith relay center on Boonta, reporting that the Jedi had tracked Abeloth to Pydyr and that she suspected they had already called for reinforcements. In the Obuuri, a Kondo-class assault shuttle, Gavar, Taalon, and several other Sith responded to the call, arriving on Pydyr—where they were forced to wear hazard suits due to an epidemic—and quickly locating the Jedi. Taalon desired to know what he was becoming, but he needed Luke's help in finding Abeloth. He promised that he would let Ben leave Pydyr alive if Luke cooperated, and Gavar requested additionally that Vestara be released, as well. Luke at first declined and stepped forward as if to attack, and Gavar matched his movement, but Taalon ordered the Sith to halt. Taalon then swore that after Abeloth told him what he was becoming, he would kill her.[4]

Gavar and Taalon joined Luke, Ben, Vestara, and fifty more Sith aboard the Jade Shadow as they traveled to the Fallanassi village on Pydyr, with the Obuuri following them. Luke tried to tell the Sith that wearing hazard suits would not protect them from the plague—which, unbeknownst to everyone in the group except for Luke, was simply an illusion put forth by Abeloth via the White Current, the Fallanassi's perspective of the Force. Gavar accused Luke of trying to infect them, but Luke responded that Ben and Vestara had worn hazard suits, and they still showed signs of the disease; although he also lied that the Jedi had a technique for resisting the plague, which was why he was completely free from the symptoms, and why Ben was faring better than Vestara. Gavar was furious that Luke had not shared the technique with his daughter and began to threaten the Jedi, but Taalon cut him off, claiming that Luke was just trying to trick them into taking off their suits and catching the plague. As they approached the island that housed the village—which was also hidden by illusion to everyone in the group except for Luke—Ship suddenly appeared on the Jade Shadow's tactical display; although the Fallanassi illusions made it appear to be a fleet of meditation spheres.[4]

Taalon kept up a pretense of the meditation spheres being under Sith control, but as the illusions converged upon the Jade Shadow and Obuuri, the Sith shuttle opened fire on the fleet and Luke piloted his vessel straight into them. Gavar and the other Sith quickly grew distressed by the situation and incredulous at Luke's calmness. As they headed for a cliff of the island that was hidden to the Sith by illusion, Luke lied that a barrier had suddenly popped up and piloted the Jade Shadow over it, but the Obuuri was unaware of the situation and crashed into the cliff. When Taalon questioned from where the barrier had come, Gavar suggested that it was likely a kind of Force wall, a misconception that Luke allowed the Sith to hold. Taalon began to demand that they return to shore and acquire reinforcements, but Luke suddenly dove them down toward the island, and as they neared, the illusion was broken. Upon landing, the Sith and Jedi were met by the Fallanassi, who agreed to help heal the Sith. Taalon finally realized that the disease was nothing more than a Fallanassi illusion—although Gavar and the other Sith remained unconvinced—and he demanded to know where Abeloth was.[4]


Ben Skywalker

As Taalon began to question the Fallanassi Akanah Norand Goss Pell, three more Sith shuttles arrived, and the Sith warriors began searching through the village for Abeloth. When Taalon did not receive the answers he was looking for, he signaled for Gavar to hold another Fallanassi, Eliya, hostage. Eliya insisted that Pell not reveal anything, but she answered Taalon's next question—that Abeloth had come to the Fallanassi because she was a Fallanassi. However, when Luke asked whether that meant she had always been one, or whether she had only recently joined, Pell declined to answer. At Taalon's bidding, Khai ignited his lightsaber into Eliya's thigh, causing her to collapse onto his chest. He stepped back and let her fall all the way onto his blade, killing her. Pell—who was, unbeknownst to the Sith, actually Abeloth in Pell's body—suddenly conjured a vision of a green phantom attacking Khai; a vision only visible to its victim and those able to access the White Current. Quickly driven to madness, Khai began to run screaming from the scene, but his daughter knocked him to the ground with the Force, and when he remained beset by the illusion, finally knocked him unconscious.[4]

The other Sith, except for Taalon and Vestara, were also driven insane by visions, and a fight broke out between the Skywalkers and the two Sith and Abeloth in a nearby gathering hall. Luke and Ben were both incapacitated and held captive, and Gavar was also brought into the hall, though he remained unconscious. Luke, however, managed to cause a distraction, allowing Vestara to kill Taalon to prevent him from turning into another Abeloth-like being. The Jedi then fought Abeloth off, forcing her to flee. When Vestara attempted to get the Jedi to submit to Sith custody, Luke used the Force to awaken Gavar as he praised Vestara for killing Taalon. Shocked at what appeared to be his daughter's betrayal, Gavar began to reach for his lightsaber. Vestara quickly knocked him out with a Force blast and fled with the Jedi.[4]

Defection and death[]

"Sir? They're close to being within firing range. The other frigates are demanding orders. What do you wish us to do?"
"Shields up. We stand with Abeloth."
―Tola Annax and Gavar Khai, during the escape from Tahv[2]

As the Sith regrouped, Gavar received a message from his daughter, informing him that she and the Skywalkers had found Abeloth on the planet Nam Chorios. He then led a flotilla, consisting of several Corporate Sector Authority frigates, to the world. He commanded Operation Shieldfall, with the primary objectives of killing Luke Skywalker and capturing or killing Abeloth, and to that end Gavar sent advance agents who secured all but one of the planet's orbiting Golan III Space Defense NovaGuns. As Vestara and the Skywalkers engaged Abeloth and a group of planetside Sith led by Saber Tola Annax, as the Sith flotilla arrived in system. However, they were ambushed by a large flight of Jedi StealthXs led by Jaina Solo and Master Kyle Katarn. The Sith flight suffered heavy losses, as several frigates were destroyed, and Gavar was forced to order a retreat. As the Sith flotilla recovered, he was contacted by Abeloth in Ship, who opened discussions with him regarding their mutual enemy, the Jedi.[10]

Around that time, Gavar had a cybernetic arm fitted to replace his lost forearm. After Sith Grand Lord Darish Vol was contacted and made aware of Abeloth's offer, he arranged for Gavar to bring Abeloth to Kesh. In orbit, Vol told him that Abeloth would have to wait for three days before she could come down to the surface, claiming that the Tribe needed the time to plan a large celebration for her. Abeloth suggested that Gavar go down to the surface himself in order to visit with his family, because she did not think she would be staying long on Kesh. Gavar went to his estate and met with his wife, Lahka, with whom he discussed his worries about Vestara; and Lahka reassured him that their daughter would remain loyal to the family, the Tribe, and the dark side. That night, he decided to kill Tikk—the uvak had served Vestara well when she had served the Sith, but now Gavar no longer knew where Vestara's loyalties were.[2]

Gavar and his wife attended the celebration for Abeloth's arrival, although only the former was allowed into the masquerade afterward. Gavar attended the masquerade dressed as the Dark Tuash of Alancair, a figure of Keshiri mythology. He later decided to spend the night aboard the ChaseMaster Black Wave—Taalon's flagship which had fallen into Gavar's hands upon the High Lord's death. That evening, Abeloth betrayed the Sith and launched an attack first on Grand Lord Vol and then on the city itself, killing thousands and leaving much of it in ruins. Among the dead was Gavar's wife, Lahka. Gavar and his crew were awakened by the outpouring of emotion in the Force, and despite his wife's death he decided finally to join Abeloth. He issued an order that all vessels retreat from Kesh with Abeloth, who was fleeing in Ship. Several frigates did not follow his order and opened fire, but Abeloth and the Black Wave were able to escape.[2]


Vestara, Gavar's killer

Abeloth then ordered Gavar—who had begun to fall under control of Abeloth's influence—to lead anyone who attempted to find her astray. As such, he and nine other Sith Sabers deployed to the planet Dromund Kaas. Vestara, Jaina Solo, and the Skywalkers soon arrived on the planet, searching for Abeloth and the Sith. They came to the Dark Force Temple, where Gavar and the other Sith were hidden. Just as the Jedi became convinced that the Sith were not there, Gavar and the Sabers showed themselves. When Gavar saw his daughter raise her lightsaber as if in defense of the Jedi, he grew immediately furious and attacked her. In the ensuing duel, he fought his Vestara while the nine other Sith attacked the three Jedi. He reported to her that her mother had died, and, claiming that Vestara had dishonored him, suggested that he would find a new wife and child to replace them. However, the Sith were soundly defeated, Gavar was emotionally paralyzed after Vestara questioned his loyalties and Vestara struck Gavar down. She was devastated over having killed her father, but the Jedi comforted her, and Vestara soon chose to become a Jedi as well.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"I certainly do not want you to fall in love with this Ben Skywalker. But if you do feel genuine affection or desire for him, do not be afraid to let him sense that. Especially if he can sense it in the Force, he'll know it's real, and that will take him off guard. He'll begin to lower his own walls, tell you more, trust you more. You can use that. You might even be able to turn him."
―Gavar Khai, to his daughter, on Ben Skywalker[5]

Even though she was not Force-sensitive, Gavar Khai was very loving of his wife—because she was not Force-sensitive, he saw her as inferior and would not accept back talk from her,[5] but he appreciated her intelligence, patience, and ability to keep secrets.[2] Khai also cared very deeply for his daughter, and when she was called to appear before the Circle of Lords, he was surprised. When she was subsequently chosen to be an apprentice, he attempted to mask his concern for her; however, she was able to read his emotions, sensing that he was worried, saddened, and proud.[1] Later, he was eager to meet with his daughter aboard the Skywalkers' ship. He was very proud of her and of the honor that she had brought to the Khai family by being a part of and surviving the strike team's mission, as well as her achievements on Dathomir. He confided in her that he, too, shared her grief over the deaths of Raas and Rhea. Khai was also perceptive of Vestara's emotions; he realized very quickly that she had developed an attraction to the younger Skywalker, and he suggested that she use it to their advantage, to gain Ben's trust and possibly even turn him to the dark side.[5]

When Ben and Vestara were both taken into custody on Klatooine, Gavar was angry at Luke, blaming his son for getting Vestara into trouble.[5] Later, when his daughter appeared to be very sick with a mysterious plague on Pydyr, Khai again grew furious at Luke Skywalker for neglecting to take care of her. Luke even came to admire Khai for his love of his daughter, although he believed that he was too stern with her.[4] Indeed, Gavar Khai was not always so protective of his daughter. When confronting her about helping Ben to capture Stadd, Khai grew angrier at her than he had ever been before; and Vestara began to perceive him as irrational.[5] After the battle with Abeloth, when it appeared that Vestara had failed to follow her orders, Gavar was willing to allow Taalon to beat her. Later, when preparing to send her to spy on the Jedi and learn about the Jedi queen Taalon had seen in the Pool of Knowledge, Gavar and Taalon both beat her, and Gavar even suggested that they add more permanent disfigurement, such as a burst eyeball. When he heard that Vestara had killed Taalon, he was shocked and believed she had betrayed the Sith. He reached for his lightsaber as though to attack; but she knocked him out.[4] Nevertheless, he did not confirm to the other Sith that his daughter had killed Taalon;[10] he later wondered whether her act had been treachery or loyalty, since Taalon had started to transform into another Abeloth.[2]

In accordance with their feigned alliance, Khai was courteous to the Skywalkers upon first meeting them. However, later on in the mission, Khai showed his displeasure with Ben's lack of absolute obedience to his father, and often argued with Luke. During the battle with Abeloth, when Khai dueled with Ben, he attempted in vain to goad him to the dark side.[5] Afterward, Khai remained distrustful of the Jedi, accusing them of hiding Abeloth's body, trying to abscond from Abeloth's planet without the Sith, attempting to learn the location of the Sith homeworld, and attempting to trick the Sith on Pydyr into taking off their hazard suits and becoming infected by the mysterious plague there. Nevertheless, Luke managed to plant the doubt in Khai's mind that the suits would not protect them against the plague, and he thus began to feel the effects of the Fallanassi illusion.[4]


Gavar's daughter, Vestara

Khai considered Taalon's actions in attempting to attain a piece of the Fountain of the Hutt Ancients on Klatooine as total folly.[2] During the mission to kill Abeloth, Skywalker perceived Khai as exceptionally confident, but also naïve about some aspects of the galaxy. Khai was confident in his abilities to kill Ben Skywalker, although he admitted that Ben was skilled for his age. As their duel wore on, however, Ben held his own, and Khai began to worry that he might not win.[5] Nevertheless, after the battle with Abeloth, Khai often threatened Ben, both for the sake of threatening the young Jedi and in an attempt to gain leverage with Luke. On Pydyr, Khai showed no qualms at Taalon's order to hold Eliya hostage and murder her when Pell did not provide the responses Taalon wanted.[4] When Vestara traveled with the Skywalkers for an extended period of time, Khai began to wonder whether she was doing an exceptionally good job at tricking Luke, or whether Khai himself was the one being fooled. When Khai killed her uvak, Tikk, he did so as painlessly as possible, because he felt the uvak had served Vestara well and did not deserve to suffer.[2]

As Khai spent more time around Abeloth, she began to influence his actions, and eventually caused him to turn his back on the Lost Tribe of Sith and ally with her, despite the fact that she had killed his wife. When he was soon afterward confronted by his daughter and the Jedi, he expressed his anger and disappointment at Vestara with her choice and hurt her further by claiming that she and her dead mother would be easily replaced. Vestara, however, was able to recognize that Gavar had been changed by Abeloth—his fighting style was wilder, and his emotions, which he had taught her to always control and direct, were out of control. Still, Vestara mourned his death and was deeply disturbed by having to kill him.[2]

Khai wore full black Sith robes trimmed with silver,[1] complete with blaster-resistant armor.[4] He was significantly taller than Luke Skywalker[5] and had even features, dark brown eyes,[4] and shoulder-length black hair[2] that he typically wore tied back in a topknot.[1] During the duel with the Jedi at the Pool of Knowledge, he lost a forearm.[4] He later received a cybernetic replacement, and although he was at first concerned that it would be seen as a disfigurement among the Tribe, he found that the fact that it would make his arm faster and stronger than before was an advantage.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

"Do not worry, Commander. You have selected only the strongest and most powerful Sith for this mission. No one will fail you."
"And I select only the strongest and most powerful Sith to accompany me now. Khai. You and Faal will accompany me."
―Gavar Khai and Sarasu Taalon[5]

Strong in the Force, Gavar Khai completed his training in the dark side and achieving the rank of Sith Saber.[1] High Lord Sarasu Taalon considered Khai to be a strong and powerful Sith, as he chose Khai for his mission to the Maw, and later to accompany him when Skywalker suggested that they enter the realm beyond shadows. Later, after betraying the Jedi during the battle with Abeloth, Khai dueled with Ben Skywalker. Despite being confident of a victory against the youth, Khai found himself matched by Skywalker's dueling prowess.[5]

Following the repairing of their alliance with the Jedi, Gavar frequently argued with Luke and threatened Ben, although this often resulted in attacks from Luke in the Force; attacks Gavar was unable to prevent or counter. He was also untrained in the access of the Fallanassi's White Current, leaving him vulnerable to the illusions set upon him by Abeloth. Soon after, when he believed that his daughter had betrayed the Sith, she was able to knock him out with a Force blast before he could act.[4] Nevertheless, Gavar was soon after put in command of a flotilla sent to execute Operation Shieldfall.[10] Once he was allied entirely with Abeloth, she began to influence his way of thinking, and during his final duel on Dromund Kaas, his fighting style grew reckless. As such, his daughter was able to overcome and kill him.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Gavar Khai was created by author Christie Golden for her first Star Wars novel, and the second novel in the nine-part Fate of the Jedi series, Fate of the Jedi: Omen. Khai was later featured alongside Luke Skywalker on the front cover of the fifth novel in the series, Fate of the Jedi: Allies, also written by Golden. He has also appeared in the sixth, seventh, and eighth novels of the series, Troy Denning's Fate of the Jedi: Vortex, Aaron Allston's Fate of the Jedi: Conviction, and Golden's Fate of the Jedi: Ascension, respectively. He also appeared in two short stories written by Golden, Imprint and "First Blood."



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