"Capt. Antilles unavailable, sir. This is Lieutenant Riemann. May I help?"
―Gayla Riemann to Luke Skywalker[src]

Lieutenant Gayla Riemann was a female Human native of Aldraig IV who was an artist of interstellar renown before the Galactic Empire took a disliking to her art, forcing her to flee from her home and become a fugitive where she eventually joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic as an X-wing pilot in Rogue Squadron, and fought in the Battle of Endor and the Bakura Incident.

She was later transferred out of Rogue Squadron, but temporarily rejoined when Brevet Captain Derek "Hobbie" Klivian and Lieutenant Wes Janson formed an auxiliary Rogue Squadron during the Bacta War. She flew as part with this Rogue Squadron and Wedge Antilles' original Rogue Squadron for the Coruscant celebration of the defeat of Ysanne Isard.



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