"This planet, this place you came to, Gazian, is a gigantic living organism. It's a living vergence in the Force. I don't know of another. It… takes an imprint of minds that visit it. It can reproduce them, exactly as they were at the moment they were here."
―An imprint of Elzar Mann[1]

Gazian was a living planet in the Mid Rim's Gazian system. It was covered by a large, deep growth of mushrooms with hallucinatory spores and was strong in the Force, known as the Living Sea[1]

Between 3 ABY and 4 ABY,[2] Jedi-in-training Luke Skywalker visited the Living Sea of Gazian in search of knowledge of the Jedi. After landing on a platform, Skywalker fell into the mushrooms while attempting to venture out, losing his breathing mask. Inhaling the hallucinogenic spores, he saw an imprint of the planet Ahch-To and spoke to an imprint of the High Republic Era Jedi Master Elzar Mann. After their conversation, Skywalker received a sacred Jedi text from a skeleton of a dead Jedi.[1]

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