Gdans were predators native to the planet Qiilura. About thirty centimeters long when fully grown, it took a whole pack of them to bring down even a merlie calf. Despite their small size, they were not against advancing on sentients, at least when in packs. At day they were not offensive or harmful, but at night, when they emerged from their warrens and hunted, the local farmers locked their doors and stayed clear of the fields. It was not so much their teeth that the locals feared, but the deadly bacteria the animals carried; a minor scratch or bite could be fatal.

Gdans lived underground, and were exceptionally good burrowers. They would excavate large tunnels big enough for human-sized sentients to crawl through, and Omega Squad used this to their advantage in the Mission to Qiilura. Gdans also dug large rooms, large enough for a clone commando to stand in, to allow them escape from flooding after a rainstorm. Omega Squad noticed small terracing on the tunnel walls that the gdans used as a refuge.



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