The Geddawai was a YT-1300 light freighter owned by the Rebel Alliance. Stationed on Rebel outpost DS 5 in 3 ABY, the Geddawai was used as an escape vehicle by the rogue Imperial Admiral Harkov when Imperial authorities caught up with him. Despite the deployment of a decoy and the confusion of the surrounding scene as the Imperials closed in, the ship was disabled by an Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing piloted by Maarek Stele, and was captured by stormtroopers. The vessel was then flown into the hangar of Imperial-class Star Destroyer Garrett, and its occupants, Harkov among them removed for interrogation. It is unknown what the Imperials did with the ship after its capture.

Behind the scenesEdit

Since many ships of the X-wing series of games are anagrams and puns of names and phrases, Geddawai could probably stand for get away. This makes sense as Harkov had intended to escape the Imperials on this vessel.



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