The Geddis mine was a mine located on the planet of Prakith, located in the Prakith system in the Deep Core. It was located northeast of the Rilkean mine. Miners were transported about the mine via 74-M speeder bikes. Under the Thaarke Corporation's control, it used PK-2M mining droids to push to push ore carts.

Myrum Geddis founded and ran the mine. During his time there, he saw some strange beings down in the mines. Unbeknownst to him, these were the Stereb. Following the Galactic Empire creation, the mine's control was handed over to the Thaarke Corporation. They dug into an underground cave network that was a home to some Stereb. They enslaved many of the species and forced them to work in the mine. The existence of the Stereb was kept a secret, giving an advantage over its competing mines. Myrum disliked the Corporation for taking his mine. Yet, many people felt that the Corporation ran the mine more efficiently. The mine's founder was left to drown his sorrows in Prak City's Mother Lode Cantina.


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