Imperial Lieutenant Geff Blim was the weighty personal assistant to Carnor Jax as well as his secret assassin. Deadly with a dagger and a skilled sniper in his own right, Blim was tasked by Jax with eliminating his enemies in the Imperial Interim Ruling Council.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He was commonly believed to be mute by those who encountered him; however, his silence, combined with low rank and stature, was purposeful, to allow him to evade others' notice. Jax made him his "Hand" after recalling how Mara Jade had served Palpatine.

He later accompanied Jax and General Wessel to Phaeda to hunt for the traitorous Imperial Royal Guardsman, Kir Kanos, and later to Yinchorr where Jax instructed him to snipe Kanos during their ensuing confrontation in the Squall. Before Blim could do so however, he was shot in the head by Sish Sadeet.

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