"You have forgotten the first rule of survival in an autocracy—speak truth to power. I hope the pain will help you learn from your mistake."
―Captain Gegak[src]

Captain Gegak was the commanding officer of the Tobay, an Adz-class patrol destroyer serving with the Grand Imperial Navy, the defensive fleet of the fortress world of Prakith in the Deep Core.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Captain Gegak was inclined to grandiloquent words, and prone to fits of rage. He harbored a paranoid resentment towards Captain Voba Dokrett of the cruiser Gorath, a larger, newer and faster ship which he saw as eclipsing his own command's success. He also carried a neural whip inside his tunic, which he used to impress his opinions on his subordinates. Nevertheless, Gegak's bullying bluster seems to have coexisted with a basic awareness of the realities of power within in the Prakith navy.

Unlike Captain Dokrett and the Gorath, Gegak and his ship survived the Prakith navy's encounter with the Teljkon Vagabond in 17 ABY—perhaps ironically, because the destroyer's ill-maintained sensors could not track the alien ship effectively. However, it is not known what became of Gegak or his ship when the New Republic conquered Prakith a few years later.

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