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"A lot of his decisions were right. He was a demon of a fighter."
Callista Ming[src]

Geith Eris was a Human male Jedi Knight who was trained on the second Chu'unthor by Djinn Altis in the waning years of the Galactic Republic. He wore a single gold earring.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A Human male and native of Bespin with rust-colored hair, Geith was recruited to the Jedi Order on Bespin by Callista Ming, with whom he fell in love. Geith and Callista were amongst the Jedi who hid from the Great Jedi Purge on Belsavis. Master Plett dispatched them in a Y-wing to infiltrate the Eye of Palpatine. Once aboard, they realized that they couldn't stop the Eye of Palpatine alone. However, the two Jedi disagreed on how to get help. Ultimately, Geith convinced Callista to let him attempt to escape the Eye of Palpatine in a Skipray Blastboat, leaving Callista behind to try to disable the ship. Geith surmised that he had figured out the pattern on which the Eye of Palpatine's automated defenses fired. Unfortunately for Geith, he was wrong and was struck by an unanticipated shot from the Eye of Palpatine's automated defenses. That unexpected shot sent his Skipray Blastboat into an asteroid and Geith's ship was destroyed.

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