Gela Yeens was an ill-tempered smuggler who earned credits by helping Jabba Desilijic Tiure collect his debts. Well respected for his uncanny anticipation in battle, Yeens was searching for Debnoli on Tatooine.[2] Later, he accompanied Jabba the Hutt, in the company of Boba Fett, Boelo, another human and a trio of Rodians to Docking Bay 94. He and his fellow henchmen stood guard as Jabba confronted Han Solo about his debt.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gela Yeens first appeared in a deleted scene from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which was released on May 25, 1977. The scene was added into the special edition of the movie, which was released in 1997. The character was first named through the Decipher, Inc. Star Wars Customizable Card Game. According to a Star Wars CCG fan site, Gela Yeens was named as an anagram of the character "Angel Eyes" from the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.[3]



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