Gelgelar Free Port was the capital of Gelgelar, an Outer Rim planet.


Gelgelar Free Port Map

Gelgelar Free Port overhead map.

It was constructed on rare dry ground, a hill rising from the Gelgelar swamps. Its history dated back to about 250 BBY, when a group of misfits settled Gelgelar.

The unofficial mayor of Gelgelar Free Port was Loro Ecls, the Sullustan starport administrator. He and his family also owned the Nofre Repair Bay and Gelgelar Outfitters. Competition to Ecls came in the form of Fenn's Landing, a landing bay owned by the Rodian Slerog Fenn.

The main cantina was the Slippery Gelgelar Eel, near the Shrine of Kooroo and Red Threxa's Boarding House.

Clouds of shvash gas float through Gelgelar Free Port from time to time, a mildly noxious vapor, but one which was also bottled for off-world export. Also sold by local swamp farmers is vohis mold, a food flavoring.

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