General Grievous 1 is the first issue in the Star Wars: General Grievous series of comics, and was released on March 16, 2005.

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On a rescue mission to Vandos, Padawan Flynn Kybo and his master T'chooka D'oon come face to face with one of the leaders of the Separatist army, General Grievous. After Grievous kills his master, Kybo goes to the Jedi Council with a plan to take out the general before more lives are lost. But when the council rejects his plan, Flynn Kybo decides to take matters in his own hands. Seeking out others who share his feelings, Flynn Kybo sets out to put an end to the cyborg killer. Meanwhile, Grievous has hijacked a transport ship—and its precious cargo may give him an advantage over the Jedi that they would never expect…

Plot[edit | edit source]

On a mission to Vandos to rescue Ambassador Quiyyen, Flynn Kybo and his Jedi Master T'chooka D'oon are confronted by General Grievous and a battalion of B2 super battle droids. The Jedi and their clone forces battle through the droids and rescue Quiyyen, but T'chooka is killed by Grievous in the process.

Flynn goes to the Jedi Council and proposes that a Jedi strike team target Grievous and kill him. Master Yoda turns down the idea, calling it mere murder, beneath the honor of the Jedi. Instead, he sends Flynn out to meet his new Jedi Master, Z'meer Bothu. They go outside for "silent contemplation," but Flynn isn't sure what he's supposed to contemplate upon. He tries to ask Z'meer, but alas, she is in deep meditation. Flynn is approached by B'dard Tone and his Padawan, Codi Ty. He agrees with Flynn's proposed course of action, having been horrifically injured by Grievous at Nadiem. The two agree to meet at the cantina on Bryndar. As B'dard and Codi leave, Z'meer, who has been listening to the entire conversation, tells Flynn that he may do as he pleases, but that he will "never be offered a place among the Jedi again."

Meanwhile, General Grievous and several battle droids take over a Mon Calamari ship, killing all aboard. Grievous confronts an Abyssin Jedi, and orders his droids to kill him.

On an Acclamator-class assault ship near Alderaan, Master Ph'ton briefs several Jedi on their next mission: to accompany a fleet of cargo ships to Alderaan, in their starfighters, ensuring they don't get attacked by the Trade Federation. Flynn Kybo, who is among the assembly, heads to Docking Bay Nine and steals a Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor, flying it to Bryndar. He meets with Master Tone and Codi there, and they begin planning their attack on Grievous.

General Grievous himself continues scouting the Calamari ship, and soon gets a report from a B1 battle droid, informing him of more lifeforms aboard. The droid leads Grievous to a dark closet, which is filled with younglings…. He withdraws and activates his lightsabers....

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