General Grievous 3 is the third issue in the Star Wars: General Grievous series of comics, and was released June 15, 2005.

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Flynn Kybo and his band of Jedi have teamed up with a ragtag group of civilians to kill General Grievous and end his reign of terror. Meanwhile Grievous, who is holding a group of young Padawans hostage, comes into conflict with Darth Tyranus, who has his own plans for the young Jedi in training. But Grievous isn't one to bend at the will of another even if that other is a Sith Lord!


At Banvhar Station, Rini reports that their Trade Federation probe droids have found General Grievous on the moon Belsus in the Anoat system, and that lifeform readings are very low there. The probe droids fly towards Grievous, as Flynn Kybo heads back to the Cohasset Rover, determined to confront Grievous himself.

On Belsus, the General speaks with a Neimoidian from the Trade Federation, who is pleased with the Ugnaughts' work in retooling the Geonosian droid factories. All of a sudden, the probe droids attack Grievous and quickly dispatch his B1 entourage. Grievous is able to destroy them nearly just as quickly. Grievous suspects the Federation or Dooku has betrayed him, and ensures the Neimoidian that he will die if the former is the case.

Deep under the ground of Belsus, Banz, Allara and the other Padawans are hard at work trying to open their prison door with the Force. They aren't having much luck, when suddenly an Ugnaught busts his way through the ground and tells them to come with him.

Back on Banvhar Station, Rini informs Flynn that he was right not to be confident in the probots, for they were easily destroyed by Grievous. Flynn is concerned that all they've accomplished is alert Grievous to their interest in him. B'dard Tone arrives with the entire miner population of Banvhar Station (and CB-3D), all of them ready to attack Grievous on Belsus.

Meanwhile, Commander Vulpus of the CIS arrives on Belsus in a blue and purple Ginivex-class starfighter. General Grievous welcomes him and asks him the reason for the visit. Vulpus assures the General that he is but an observer. Grievous leads him into the factories on Belsus, more specifically the droid skeleton being made for one lucky Padawan, one very similar to his own. Grievous then takes the Commander to the Padawans' cell....which contains nothing but a gaping hole in the floor.

As the Padawans follow the Ugnaught through his tunnel in the ground, Allara senses that they are being trailed themselves. Indeed, as a squad of battle droids have entered the tunnel and discovered the young Jedi with little difficulty. The General orders them to kill them, but the tunnel collapses under the droids, allowing the Padawans to escape once more. Commander Vulpus says he must inform Count Dooku, but Grievous stops him with a lightsaber mere centimeters from his throat. Vulpus reminds Grievous that if he were to kill him, the repercussions of such an act would kill himself as well. Grievous reluctantly sheaths his lightsaber, and Vulpus decides not to tell Dooku of what just happened.

Over Belsus, the Cohasset is piloted by the torsos of two B-1 battle droids, being remotely controlled out of view by Rini. He transmits the necessary codes, and begins docking on Belsus. Rini suddenly picks up comm chatter from Belsus about Padawans; Flynn becomes nervous, but Rini specifies that there are Padawans on Belsus, hostages of General Grievous, that have escaped.

Those very Padawans arrive at an Ugnaught homestead, hidden away from most of the moon. Grievous suddenly arrives through the tunnel with lightsabers blazing, promising to kill all of them...



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