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General Ulric Tagge was put in charge of a flotilla of Tagge warships assisting in the Yavin blockade. He traveled aboard several Tagge battlecruisers in the months following the Battle of Yavin.


The ship features showed size and armor protection greater than on Star Destroyers, with sensor globes merged with the command tower hull and multiple layers of armor.


Tagges rides

Ulric Tagge's second, third, and fourth battlecruisers (Captain Wermis's battlecruiser in the lower pic foreground).

General Tagge was on-board a battlecruiser with sleek armor, when meeting with his older brother Orman to discuss the plot to wrest power away from Darth Vader. Later on, the general switched between several vessels stationed at the blockade of the Gordian Reach.

His third documented battlecruiser was destroyed by a fleet of Rebel gunboats, but he managed to escape and was transferred to a fourth vessel of similar size and shape.