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"This is the Genetic Records Hall. It contains data on the original DNA of every being we have ever cloned."

The Genetic Records Hall was a room within the Tipoca City Military Complex, a military complex operated by the Galactic Republic on the planet Kamino's capital city Tipoca City. The hall contained data on the original DNA of every clone which was cloned by the Kaminoans. In the late stages of the Clone Wars, the droid AZI-3 and the clone CT-5555 traveled to the room in order to gain more information on the so-called tumor which was found in CT-5385's brain. There, AZI-3 and Fives discovered that it was not present in the genotype of Jango Fett, which meant it was implanted.[2]

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Notes and references[]

  1. "Kamino Lost" takes place shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates to 19 BBY. As the Genetic Records Hall was located in Tipoca City and "Kamino Lost" depicts the city's complete destruction, the hall must have been destroyed around 19 BBY.
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