"Monkey Jabba, Monkey Jabba!"
"That's unkind, Jorrk. You'll have to excuse my associate. He saw a Geniserian sand monkey once, and hasn't failed to find the joke funny since. I am, of course, a Nimbanel."
―Jorrk and Mosep Binneed, explaining Jorrk's nickname for Binneed to moisture farmer Orrin Gault[1]

Geniserian sand monkeys were a rare monkey species native to the Geniseria system that had physical similarities to the Nimbanel species. The meat of a Geniserian sand monkey was considered a delicacy by some individuals when it was flambéed in foyvè oil. Jorrk, an associate of the Nimbanel criminal Mosep Binneed, nicknamed the Nimbanel "Monkey Jabba" due to his similarity in appearance to the Geniserian sand monkey and Binneed's occasional impersonations of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, a Hutt crime lord for whom Binneed worked.

Biology and appearance[]

The Geniserian sand monkey species had some similarities in appearance to the sentient Nimbanel species.[1]


A rare species, Geniserian sand monkeys were[4] native to the Geniseria system, a star system located in the region of the galaxy known as the Expansion Region.[2][3]

Geniserian sand monkeys in the galaxy[]

Around 19 BBY,[5] Jorrk, an associate of a Nimbanel criminal named Mosep Binneed who was working for the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, had seen a Geniserian sand monkey once. Due to Binneed's Nimbanel appearance and the instances when he pretended to be Jabba to confuse competitors, Jorrk nicknamed Binneed "Monkey Jabba," which Jorrk found to be funny.[1] Around the year 18 BBY,[6] Geniserian sand monkey meat flambéed in foyvè oil was a rare dish that was considered a delicacy by some individuals. Despite the rarity of the species around that time, an Elomin named Haninum Tyk Rhinann successfully obtained a dish of Geniserian sand monkey meat flambéed in foyvè oil on the planet Coruscant, the Galactic Empire's capital. The Elomin provided the dish to satisfy the epicurean tastes of a client of a private investigator named Jax Pavan, with whom Rhinann worked.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Geniserian sand monkey was first mentioned in Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows, a 2008 novel written by Michael Reaves.[4] In 2013, the monkey was mentioned again in dialogue by Jorrk and Mosep Binneed in Kenobi, a novel written by John Jackson Miller.[1]


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