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Gentes was one of three habitable planets in the Anoat system of the Anoat sector, located in the Greater Javin of the Outer Rim. It was the homeworld of the Ugnaughts. The planet's surface was covered by volcanoes and swamps.


The Ugnaughts lived in primitive colonies on the planet's less-than-hospitable surface in times of peace, but Gentes was frequently raided by slavers.

After Cloud City was constructed over the planet Bespin, Ecclessis Figg took three tribes of Ugnaughts to work the tibanna gas mines there.


Confederacy of Independent Systems forces rounding up Ugnaughts for slave labor

Around 1002 BBY, the Brotherhood of Darkness operated a Sith academy on the world that specialized in the training of Sith Warriors and Marauders.

During the Clone Wars in 20 BBY, Grievous conquered the planet and rounded up many Ugnaughts as slaves. His forces also herded many Ugnaughts into a single building which was blown up with turbolaser bombardment from orbit. Ugnaughts were also enslaved as part of the Galactic Empire's Humanocentric policies.

In the years after the Battle of Endor, Gentes was sparsely populated, with its former inhabitants either enslaved or on the Ugnaught-run Cloud City.

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The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Gentes in the Churba sector, which is actually located in the Mid Rim.



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