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"If you brought any food, you'd better eat it now. I managed to hide this from them, but they threatened punishment if they caught me with any more food."
―Geoff f'Tuhns[src]

Geoff f'Tuhns was a Human male and Imperial recruit. Around 1 BBY, f'Tuhns arrived at the Academy of Carida to begin his military training in hopes of becoming an Imperial stormtrooper. There, he met his roommates, Davin Felth and Mychael Ologat, and, despite nearly being punished for smuggling in food, he was saved when Felth took the blame.


Around 1 BBY, the Human male Geoff f'Tuhns entered into Imperial service, seeking to become an Imperial stormtrooper, and was sent to the Academy of Carida to begin his basic training. Upon arriving, he was reprimanded for having food with him, as the calorie intake of recruits was strictly measured. However, f'Tuhns was able to hide a bag of food from the inspectors, despite a warning that he would receive severe punishment if caught with food again. After this incident, f'Tuhns met his new roommates, Davin Felth and Mychael Ologat. F'tuhns offered to share his food with Felth, although Felth declined the offer.[1]

Immediately afterward, a stormtrooper drill instructor approached their barracks. F'Tuhns panicked and tried to hide his illegal food but ended up slipping and dropping it in the center of the room. When the instructor entered, he demanded to know who had been eating the food, which he claimed was contraband. Before f'Tuhns could own up, Felth confessed to having brought it in, as he had not yet been warned about such an infraction, unlike f'Tuhns. Felth was given just a warning, and f'Tuhns was left with a great sense of relief.[1]

Over the next six months, f'Tuhns adjusted to the routine on Carida, in which recruits were pushed to the limit in their training. They slept little and took part in countless physical exercises. After the first six months, Felth, as one of the best in the class, was selected to receive AT-AT pilot training, and would end up being sent off Carida for service a short time later.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Geoff f'Tuhns was tall with wild red hair, and his big-boned physique did not appear as though it could fit in stormtrooper armor. He showed a rebellious side when he smuggled in food despite being warned against doing so. F'Tuhns was very grateful to Felth for taking the blame for the illegal food.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Geoff f'Tuhns makes a brief appearance in the short story When the Desert Wind Turns: The Stormtrooper's Tale, included in the 1995 anthology book Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina. He later received a brief mention in The Essential Guide to Characters, in Davin Felth's entry. He received an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, but his name was misspelled as Geoff Tuhns.



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