A geologist was a student of geology. Jedi geologists were a variation of this, working through the Agricultural Corps. Geologists mapped the geology of planets and charted mineral resources.

Two geologists, on a long layover at a Galactic Republic orbital fueling station over the planet Makem Te, decided to visit one of the planet's rock quarry and discovered it was rich with metals and medical-grade spice. As a result, dozens of mines were greedily placed on Makem Te.[1]

In 40 ABY, a geologist and a minerals engineer ran some scans of the planet Mandalore over terrain bombarded by Yuuzhan Vong. Within craters, outcrops from a lode of beskar, Mandalorian iron, were exposed, turning the economy of Mandalore around.

Adari Vaal was a female geologist that studied the rocks of her home planet Kesh. She was branded a heretic by her people for scientifically claiming that the planet had not been created by their deities, the Skyborn, but rather by volcanic activity.



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