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"Let the Jedi come. Our weapons will melt their eardrums and make their hearts explode."
Archduke Poggle the Lesser[1]

The Geonosian sonic blaster was a powerful, hand-held blaster incorporating sonic wave technology developed by the Gordarl Weaponsmiths. These weapons were used by Geonosians, and saw increased use during the Clone Wars.


A side view of a sonic blaster

The weapon was a little longer than a meter and consisted of seven parts; a grip, an aiming vane, an emitter cowl, an oscillation chamber, a reduction chamber, a plasma containment charge chamber and a trigger. The sonic blaster was designed to be used only by Geonosians, by making the trigger oddly placed and hard for non-Geonosians to hold, let alone fire.

The weapon's projectile, similar in function to its larger cousin, the LR1K sonic cannon, consisted of a sphere of condensed sonic energy, encapsulated within a containment sphere. Upon rupture of the containment field - which could be caused by any energy or solid based interference with the field - the sphere would explode in a contained omnidirectional blast, and if hit directly onto a living organism like the Jedi in the First Battle of Geonosis, would cause instant death by rupturing the victim's internal organs. Nevertheless, the sphere could cause severe damage to inanimate targets as well, the intense sonic energy many times simply causing a target to explode, or similarly rupture.


The effects of sonic blaster fire

Long before the rise of the Galactic Empire, Geonosian weaponsmiths explored sonic wave theory. Eventually, they built basic generators that could convert sonic vibrations into other forms of energy. Geonosian miners soon came up with sonic hammers, whose basic premise was later evolved into sonic blaster weaponry.

Gordarl Weaponsmiths also created the LR1K sonic cannon, a larger, artillery version of the sonic blaster. A carbine version was also produced, and used around the time of the Galactic Civil War.



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