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George Lucas' Star Tours was an 18-minute promotional film by The Walt Disney Company to advertise the Star Tours attraction, released on television on December 28, 1986[1], just twelve days before the attraction first opened in Disneyland[2]. It aired as part of "The Disney Sunday Movie" on ABC, which aired the 1983 film Tiger Town as part of the broadcast.[1]

The Star Tours segment starred Gil Gerard and Ernie Reyes (starring in the network's series Sidekicks at the time), and included an introduction by Michael Eisner and an interview by George Lucas. Most of it was shot from an out-of-universe perspective, while some parts are presented as in-universe, although they are unlikely to be canon.


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  • Brad Lachman - Producer
  • Walter C. Miller - Director
  • Jeffrey Barron - Writer
  • Milt Hoffman - Supervising Producer
  • Bob Dickinson - Director of Photography
  • Rene Lagler - Art Director
  • Russell Srole, David Foster, Jerry Bixman - Videotape Editors
  • Rickie Hansen - Costume Designer
  • Dennis McCarthy - Music
  • Steven Ligerman - Associate Producer
  • Debra Towsley - Talent Coordinator
  • Emm-Jay Trokel - Associate Director
  • Pat Brannon Wise - Script Supervisor
  • Paul Hoen, Christine Jardine - Production Associates
  • Drew Brown - Film Research
  • Kent Weishaus - Production Coordinator
  • Kevin Gershan - Post Production Coordinator
  • John B. Field - Technical Director
  • Peter Bright, Steven Ligerman - Stage Managers
  • Larry La Sota - Audio
  • Jerry Clemans - Post Production Audio
  • Hector Ramirez, Dave Levison, Hank Geving - Camera Operators
  • Judith Silverman, Wynona Price - Make-Up
  • Judith Tiedemann - Hair Stylist
  • Kevin Hayes - Technical Manager


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