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"We Binkses have a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, sailing across the seas on voyages that sometimes take us around the world…"
―George R. Binks[src]

George R. Binks was an Otolla Gungan whaler who operated and resided on Naboo. He was the owner of Binks & Son Whaling Company, continuing the profession that had been practiced by his ancestors for hundreds of years. He was, through an unhappy marriage, the father of Jar Jar Binks, who would go on to serve as the Chommell sector's representative in the Galactic Senate.

On a whaling voyage with his wife and son, George R. Binks encountered an aggressive whale. Thanks to numerous poor navigation choices by Jar Jar, the whale crashed into the ship, causing it to sink. After this incident, the Binks family found themselves shipwrecked on a desolate island for over a month. During this time, prompted by his annoyance at his son's constant clumsy behavior, Binks unsuccessfully attempted to commit suicide.


Early life[]

George R. Binks was born in Otoh Gunga on the planet Naboo some time prior to the fall of the Galactic Republic, to a family of whalers. The Binks family had practiced the whaler profession for centuries, and he was no exception to that tradition. As a mere youth, he commanded his own gang of fishermen in his home town. At some point, he decided to join the family business, the Binks & Son Whaling Company. In his capacity as a professional whaler, Binks often went on long sea voyages, even sailing across the entire planet of Naboo on more than one occasion.[1]

At one point, he fell in love with the warrior-woman Sheebla and planned on marrying her. But when he learned of Sheebla's infertility, Binks broke off his wedding plans and left her; to him a son to carry on the family name was more important than love. He eventually married another woman, not out of love, but because she had the ability to bear him an heir. She gave birth to his son, Jar Jar Binks,[1] in 52 BBY.[2] Starting when his son was quite young, Binks frantically attempted to teach Jar Jar the whaler profession and involve him in the family company. But much to his chagrin, Jar Jar was uninterested and prone to clumsiness. As a result of these qualities, Binks began resenting his son.[1]


"These are the bones of my ruined hopes, strewn about this barren rock!!"
―George R. Binks[src]

George R. Binks's ship is assailed by a whale.

On a whaling trip with his wife and son in the southernmost seas of Naboo, Binks happened upon a large whale. His initial attempt at harpooning the creature was unsuccessful, and in the ensuing fight, the whale was caught in the rigging of Binks's ship. He issued a series of commands to Jar Jar to take the wheel and maneuver clear of the situation, but his son was unable to comply. As a result, the ship sank, and the Binks family was forced to seek refuge on a barren island.[1]

A month later, Binks and his family were still stranded on the island, which he christened "Binks's Woe." He grew increasingly annoyed by his son's antics, so that when Jar Jar offered to swim for help—a suicidal task due to the treacherous seas as well the distance involved—Binks encouraged the boy. However, this attempt at getting Jar Jar killed was cut short when his wife intervened. Overcome with feelings, he drew a gun and turned it on himself. His wife tried to encourage him not to, but only ended up encouraging him into pulling the trigger by telling him to think of their son. The shot merely grazed his skull, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke a short while later, he lowered his head in sadness.[1]

Personality and traits[]

George R. Binks took great pride in his profession, as well as in his family. So concerned was he with securing a male heir to the Binks name that he left the woman he loved because she was infertile. When he finally received a son, Jar Jar, he worked hard to teach the youngster the whaling profession. His son's repeated failures at living up to his expectations became a source of discontent for Binks. The loss of the love of his life and his seemingly incompetent son caused him to grow violent and angry, culminating in an unsuccessful attempt at killing himself. He was an Otolla Gungan male with light brown skin.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

George R. Binks was an experienced whaler and sailor.[1]


Binks wore a green jacket.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

George R. Binks was created by Tony Millionaire, and is the main character of the comic story "George R. Binks," which was published in Star Wars Tales' twentieth issue[1] on June 30, 2004.[3] The comic was illustrated by Millionaire.[1] Prior to its release, the father of Jar Jar Binks was mentioned in the 2000 junior novel Episode I Adventures 9: Rescue in the Core, written by Ryder Windham as part of the Star Wars: Episode I Adventures series.[4]



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