This article is about the comic. You may be looking for George R. Binks, the comic's main character.

George R. Binks was a comic appearing in Star Wars Tales 20 and collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 5 and Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Rise of the Sith Volume 2. Written by Tony Millionaire, it details the tragic story of George R. Binks, the long-suffering father of Jar Jar Binks.

Plot summary[]

On the seas of Naboo, George R. Binks of the Binks & Son Whaling Company attempts to take down a whale. However, the irresponsibility and clumsiness of his son, Jar Jar, causes their ship to founder and the Binkses to be marooned on a deserted island.

A month goes by, and George is driven to madness by his son's follies. When Jar Jar proposes to swim for the mainland, George eagerly agrees, knowing that he will likely not make it. However, his wife intervenes. George, unable to take any more, decides to shoot himself. His wife's attempt to stop him by asking him to "Think of our son!" only causes him to pull the trigger. However, the bullet merely grazes his skull. As he lies there, he reminisces of his love, Sheebla, and how he chose not to marry her because she could not bear him the son he wanted. As he imagines seeing Sheebla standing before him, the hallucination clears to reveal that it is really Jar Jar with an octopus wrapped around his head. George's only response is crushing despair.


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