The Gerb were a sentient lagomorph species native to the moon Yavin 13.

Gerbs were covered in fur and had large pink ears and large black eyes. They lived in small underground warrens consisting of ten families. The Gerbs moved by hopping and jumping, and practiced simple farming on the few grasslands of the desert moon. Gerbs spoke the squeaking Gerbese language, though they could also speak the hissing Slithese language which was spoken by the moon's other sentient species, the serpentine Slith.


Chichak, a Gerb hero

The Gerbs were able to live in peace with the Slith and both species often left themselves alone. Gerbs were also immune to Slith bites which were venomous to most other species. Both species also knew nothing or little about offworld affairs and technology since none had left Yavin 13. There were approximately 24 million Gerbs and 19 million Slith, altogether totaling 43 million sentient beings.

As part of their efforts to crush the New Jedi Order, the Yuuzhan Vong invaded and conquered the Yavin system. In addition to razing the Jedi temple on Yavin 4, they wiped Yavin 13 and Yavin 8 clean of life—causing the extinction of the Gerb.[3]


Gerb burrow

A Gerb burrow on Yavin 13

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