Geri was a Rodian orphan who held a fascination for technology, and he became involved in a resistance group led by the Human Degan Cor that operated on the planet Toprawa during the early years of the Galactic Empire. Geri served the rebels as a mech-tech and he constructed the droid Candy to aide the resistance group, by combining the head of an RX-Series pilot droid with the body of a P2-series astromech droid. In about 18 BBY, Geri encountered the Sullustan Den Dhur and the droid I-5YQ—agents of the Whiplash resistance group—after they arrived at Cor's resistance base on business with the Toprawan rebels. Geri helped to repair several droids for use by I-5YQ, to replace the Whiplash agent's original 5YQ-series chassis, which had became irreparably damaged during an encounter with Imperial forces.


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