Gerin Toda was a young woman who lived on Tammuz-an. She was the daughter of warlord-chieftain Lord Malameu Toda and older sister to the young boy Coby. Several years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Toda's rival King Mon Julpa arrived at Toda's castle offering a charter of peace. Toda, a suspicious man by nature, was reluctant to participate in the peace accords, but Gerin supported Mon Julpa's efforts and convinced her father to listen to what the king had to say.

Shortly thereafter, the pirate known as Gir Kybo Ren-Cha escaped from prison and kidnapped Gerin. He zapped her with a mini-stunner and took her aboard a stolen A-wing fighter to the swamp world of Bogden. There, he imprisoned her in the ruins of a shipwrecked starfighter. Gerin wandered through the bowels of the ship and had to rely on her father's martial training to avoid being eaten by vicious Sungwas. The heroes known as Jann Tosh and C-3PO arrived on the planet in the hopes of rescuing Gerin from Captain Kybo. C-3PO, in a rare show of bravery, sacrificed his own leg to the Sungwas allowing Jann the opportunity to get Gerin to safety. Soon after, Gerin's father Toda, along with Mon Julpa and a cadre of Tammuz-an warriors, arrived on Bogden. They exchanged fire with Captain Kybo's pirates and rescued Gerin.

Physical appearance[]

Like many from her father's family line of Tammuz-anians, Gerin had dark blue skin. She had long blonde hair and an athletic build. Gerin was proficient in martial arts and once used her skills to fend off Captain Kybo's first mate, Jyn Obah.

Behind the scenes[]

Gerin was one of the few characters on the Star Wars: Droids animated series that did not have brown eyes. Her eyes were a light blue.

Gerin was voiced by Cree Summer.



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