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Gerrenthum was a planet[5] located in the Gerrenthum system[3] of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, serving as the Anoat sector's capital after the previous capital, Anoat, was rendered uninhabitable. For many years, Imperial Governor Ubrik Adelhard governed the sector with an iron fist and absolute loyalty to the Galactic Empire.[1] Orbited by a security station,[3] many business owners and politicians on Gerrenthum openly bribed Imperials to ignore their illegal activities.[4]

During the Iron Blockade, which was established by the Empire in an attempt to prevent news of their crushing defeat by the Alliance to Restore the Republic at the Battle of Endor from reaching the Anoat sector's populace,[5] the Smuggler sent members of their crew on missions to Gerrenthum to complete various tasks, including sending a team disguised as Imperials to collect bribes from the locals to fund their future efforts,[4] boarding its orbital security station and disabling their orbital alarm beacons at the request of Leeka Pali, allowing the Trade Spine League to move their larger ships out of the system,[3] and smuggling medical supplies from Gerrenthum to a makeshift medical center on the planet Nothoiin.[6]

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Gerrenthum was originally created for the Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin, a 1989 Star Wars Legends supplement written by Jonatha Caspian for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[7] It became canon when it appeared in the action role-playing game Star Wars: Uprising, which was developed by Kabam for iOS and Android platforms[5] and released on September 10, 2015.[8]



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