"I'm a woman who worked in a warehouse. ... If I'm right or if I'm wrong, I go back to the same job. It's a question of what kind of world I'll be working in when it's all done. What kind of world we'll all be working in. I'm doing this because it has to be done, same as everybody else here."
―Gerta Haman[src]

Gerta Haman worked as an inventory supervisor at the Jax Warehouse in Hedrett, but was better known as an outspoken political activist. She spoke passionately about the importance of the Tarasin retaining their own culture. Wealthy gambler Kris Wahl, who shared her passion to the dismay of his parents, provided money for her causes.[1]


Gerta was concerned about the actions of the Metatheran Cartel under Velin Wir, and organized the Cularin resistance to gather proof of their illegal activities. She saw the Cartel cutting down ch'hala trees with her own eyes and even got hold of a holorecording of their crime - but she knew that, should she try to make it public, the Cartel would say it was a doctored image. She considered the Cartel to be as bad as the Trade Federation, although she had never seen the Federation in action.[1]

Gerta decided to disappear with a few other people from Gadrin and Hedrett, and form a Cularin resistance to oppose the Cartel. She emptied her house and traveled to their new base, the Cloud Mountain mines. Many people, including Wahl, "disappeared" like her in the following days, enough to cause a disturbance in the Force that was detected by Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk.[1]

Gerta became the informal leader of the resistance, with Nim'Ri and Broof Yurdel as her chief advisers. She wanted to avoid bloodshed, and was adamant that the resistance would not be the first to initiate deadly force.[1]

Independent gents sent by Master Qel-Bertuk eventually found the resistance base. Haman, Nim'Ri and Yurdel met with them and tried to convince them not to reveal anything about the resistance.[1]

One month later, Haman decided to look for some secret files of the Cartel, specifically reports on how they get their charter for Cularin and their account records of that time, which would specify which Cularin officers were bribed. She obtained speeders for the escape and an advanced, highly-modified datapad (probably a work by famed slicer Baylan) to extract information from the Cartel's computers, but she also needed someone from outside the resistance to approach the local Metatheran Cartel operations office in Gadrin. She then asked one of the members of the resistance, Corporal Ortin from OPS, to organize a secret meeting with those independent agents at the OPS third sector precinct house. Haman returned to the secret base of Cloud Mountain mines using a secret way.[2]

The operation was a success and the agents went to the mines to give Haman the information. However, some verification file codes were missing, but she discovered they were only available in the well-protected Metatheran Cartel jungle base. She asked Broof Yurdel and his troops to prepare a raid, and offered the independent agents to cooperate with Yurdel. Noticing that Yurdel was too happy with the assignment, she specifically ordered him to set the weapons in stun. She also asked Kris Wahl to question the independent agents to obtain any information they might have about the jungle base, as they had been previously there.[2]

However, the Cartel was tracking the stolen data, and a Cartel-aligned Caarite force attacked the resistance's secret headquarters. Haman was trapped in the crossfire, but she nevertheless tried to reach her companions. She was then shot in her back and severely wounded. Only the quick actions of some allies of the resistance saved her life.[2]

Due to Haman's critical state, Yurdel was even less prone to use non-lethal force; nevertheless he ordered his troops to set weapons in stun, as it was what Haman would have wanted. Haman did not take part in the following raid against the jungle base, which was a success and led to the Cartel retiring from Cualrin. Soon afterward, governor Barnab Chistor of Gadrin decorated Haman and the other resistance leaders for their success.[2]

Later, Haman traveled to Coruscant to meet with Senator Lavinia Wren. She was being escorted by Jedi General Ish-Bel Tur. Nevertheless, the ship was destroyed and both she and Tur were killed.[3][4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gerta Haman could die during the events of the RPG adventure A Revelation in the mines showdown—if the player characters behave unheroically, the adventure includes a text about her death as one of the possibilities. However, the adventure A Mon Alone, which takes place later, provides a different account of her death that apparently overwrites the "improbable but possible death" in A Revelation.

This possible death is probably supposed to be referenced in the "Critical Event Summary", so that the majority of official playing parties' performance would become the canon story about that event. However, an apparent typo changed Haman's name for Renna's.



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