Gesaril was an Imperial prison planet, found in the Gesaril system of the Minos Cluster. It was the site of a series of accidents concerning Imperial warships.

The planet was covered with a dense jungle that appeared to float above a noxious swamp. It was inhabited by a species of furry, hyperactive creatures called the Gesaril that Imperial researchers had classified as barely sentient. There wasn't much of interest on the planet other than the wrecks of the nine Imperial spaceships. These ships all crashed in exactly the same coastal section of the planet and the reasons for this was not known. The planet had been put under strict quarantine, and no one was allowed to enter or leave.[2]

The Sector PrisonEdit

The Empire had established a prison colony on a large asteroid in far orbit around the sun. Cells for 1,300 prisoners were hollowed out of this enormous rock, spaced widely along kilometers of corridor. A large tube in the center of the asteroid lead to the ships' docks in the center of the rock. The Intrepid was stationed there to serve a dual purpose: to enforce the quarantine on Gesaril, and to guard the prison. The penal asteroid held the long-term prisoners of the Cluster. Holding at present nearly 1,000 inmates, the prison population was about evenly divided between hardened criminals and political prisoners.[2]


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