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"Get Well Nubs" is the first part of the third episode of the animated series Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. It was released on Disney+ on May 4, 2023.[1]

Official description[]

Kai and Lys learn teamwork.

Plot summary[]

A sick friend[]

At the Jedi Temple on Tenoo, Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay are having lunch in the canteen. Solay takes an interest in a colorful Bifflefly, which she has never seen before. Brightstar is eager for an upcoming school trip to the Kublop Geyser and convinces Solay to eat a muffin. Brightstar notices that Nubs is absent from his meals, which they regard as unusual. They visit the dormitory and find him snuggled up in his hammock. Nubs is sneezing and sick.

Brightstar and Solay are concerned about Nubs having to miss out on the school trip if he is sick. The two consult a holobook and find that the leaf of Yara plant has healing properties if brewed a tea. According to the book, the Yara plant only grows on top of one giant Tenoo tree, which is located far away. Brightstar says that they will have to travel fast to make it back in time for the school trip. Solay remarks that it is only the three of them of missions. Nubs mouths in agreement. Brightstar reassures his friends that they will make a great team and that they are doing it for Nubs.

Getting permission[]

While two other Jedi Initiates train, Brightstar and Solay attempt to convince Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna to let them embark on a quest to obtain the Yara plant. Master Zanna agrees to let the two younglings go on the quest but warns Solay to stay focused and present during her mission and advises Brightstar to take note of his surroundings. She allows the two children to borrow the Temple speeders. Brightstar and Solay depart without saying goodbye to Zanna.

The river journey[]

The two race on their speeder bikes over a river. Brightstar tells Solay that they have to travel fast and stay focused. Solay accepts the challenge and the two continue their journey. Solay gets distracted by several flitterpods and narrowly avoids crashing into a log due to Brightstar's intervention Solay thanks Brightstar for warning her and the two decide to stay focus. They stop in the middle of an island but find they have been going around in circles.

Solay advises Brightstar to stop and look around. Brightstar disagrees and thinks they should keep going. Brightstar only sees water and mud but Solay spots a few giant Tenoo tree leaves. Solay and Brightstar deduces that the Tenoo tree lies ahead. Brightstar thanks Solay for her advice. Solay says that's why they are a good team and the two continue the journey. The river eventually leads to the base of a giant Tenoo tree that extends to the clouds.

Climbing up[]

Solay questions whether they can climb it. Brightstar reminds her about the importance of teamship and the two proceed on the next stage of their mission. After crossing a stream, the two younglings walk up the base of the trunk. Brightstar slips but Solay uses her Force powers to pull him to safety. Continuing the journey, the two use grappling cables to scale the giant Tenoo tree. Continuing upwards, Solay saves Brightstar from falling after a giant piece of bark gives way.

They then climb over branches and leaves. On the way, Solay notices a rabbit-like creature but Brightstar encourages her to stay focused. Continuing their mission, Solay saves Brightstar from falling down a branch. The two use vines as impromptu ropes to ascend higher into the tree. Reaching the top, they find themselves in a lush micro ecosystem with waterfalls and various plants. Brightstar recalls that the holobook says that Yare trees grow near water. The two decide to explore the lake.

Facing the gangul[]

Solay notices several pawprints left by a gangul, which she describes as big territorial creatures. She advises Brightstar to be quiet. Brightstar sights a purple Yara plant but draws the attention of a gangul, a furry mammal with horns. The creature chases Brightstar while Solay watches. Brightstar tells Solay to grab the Yara plant while he distracts the creature. Brightstar manages to hide inside a hole in a trunk but the gangul pursues Solay. She uses a vine to flee to safety and joins Brightstar inside the hole.

Brightstar realizes that they are trapped by the gangul, which is guarding the Yara tree. He believes that they won't get to Nubs on time. Brightstar reflects that he should have listened to Solay while Solay regrets not grabbing the Yara leaves when she had the chance. Brightstar is discouraged by Solay reassures her that they make a great team when they listen to each other. Solay thanks Brightstar from saving her from crashing while Brightstar thanks Solay for saving him from going down the wrong river.

Brightstar comes up with an idea. Listening to Solay, he decides to stop and look around for answers. Studying the surroundings, he uses the Force to draw the gangul to a patch of leafy plants. Solay approaches the Yara plant and plucks some leaves. However, she steps on a branch and alerts the gangul, which charges at her. Solay and Brightstar draw their lightsabers. Solay tells the creature that they are not going to hurt it but have just come for the leaves.

Watching the geyser[]

Following their mission, Brightstar and Solay return to the Jedi Temple. They serve Nubs Yara tea leaves. They and their fellow classmates and Master Zia watch the Kublop Geyser from the safety of a rocky bank on the other side of the river under the cover of night. Brightstar says they missed Nubs while Solay says they make a great team. Master Zia alerts the students that the geyser is about to blow. The Jedi watch as the geyser releases a large spurt of hot water.


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