A geyser bursts forth on Maryx Minor.

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Geysers were a natural phenomenon in which underground water was heated by volcanic rock. When the water boiled, the resulting pressure forced it through crevasses until it spouted above ground in tall columns of vapor. Multiple geysers were often found in fields, creating a hazard.[1]

Notable geysersEdit

The planet Kodai had a large geyser. Murk Lundi traveled to the planet to recover a Sith holocron, but was foiled by his student Omal who caused the holocron to be lost within the geyser.[2]

The planet Florrum had many acid geysers on the Doshar fields. Skalders, creatures native to the desert region, had thick hides to protect themselves from the often spewing acid.[3]

The planet Akuria II had a field of geysers underneath a body of water. Known as the Geyser Sea, the water was heated by the geyser field. The geysers there were also used to heat the Snow Structure, a small Rebel Alliance base on the planet.[4] Demonsgate, in the Kathol sector had a number of geyser fields. In one such field, Makezh, a member of the FarStar was ambushed by Mist and a unit of stormtroopers.[5] On the volcanic planet Maryx Minor, the Ancient Order of Pessimists maintained a hermitage near a geyser field.[6]

The planet Eol Sha also had a field of geysers near the planet's abandoned colony. Luke Skywalker was taken deep into a geyser by Eol Sha colony leader Gantoris, ostensibly to gather lichen there, but in actuality as a test of his Force abilities. Skywalker escaped the geyser, using the Force to protect himself from the super-heated vapor.[1] The planet Baroonda had a number of sulfur geyser fields—most notably the Hoodu Geyser Fields[7]—while a number of sulphur geysers existed within the Sulphur Pits of Vulcar.[8] The planet Togominda was known for its salt geysers.[9] There were ice geysers on the planet Hoth that dotted the landscape. These were known to be quite beautiful and were recreated in scenic replicators in the Arcade Omicron cantina on the planet Bescane.[10] The region around the Iron Tower on Aridus also had geysers.[11]



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