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"I think you're a dangerous and foolhardy man."
Ovolot Qail Uthan[src]

Ghez Hokan was a Human male Mandalorian mercenary who later joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


Some time before the Clone Wars, Hokan found work as the chief enforcer for Neimoidian Lik Ankkit on the remote world of Qiilura. He wasn't fond of the job, however, as his own men gave him more trouble than the share-croppers he terrorized. The dregs of the underworld, his 'army' was composed of Weequays, Ubese, and whoever else Ankkit recruited, and Hokan despised them. Hokan personally killed Jedi Master Kast Fulier with Fulier's own lightsaber, which Hokan kept because it made a convenient tool for executing lieutenants. When the Separatists built a top-secret research facility on Qiilura, he jumped at the chance for a career change.

Hokan made a deal with the CIS that cut Ankkit out of the picture and gave him military control of the planet. He was assigned by the CIS to protect the Separatist bioweaponry research bunker on Qiilura and more specifically, Doctor Ovolot Qail Uthan and her research team. When Omega Squad arrived on the planet, the CIS supplemented Hokan's army with one hundred B1 battle droids and a handful of organic Separatist lieutenants. He led the search for Omega Squad, not knowing he was facing only four men until it was too late.

Fulier's Padawan, Etain Tur-Mukan, managed to escape Hokan, and was on the run when she met a sole member of the newly joined Omega Squad. She was horribly upset at Master Fulier's death, and immediately tried to kill the clone. She mistook the clone for Hokan because a clone commando's Katarn armor is visually similar to Mandalorian armor, despite the difference in paint schemes. When Omega Squad destroyed the clone-killing virus and captured Dr. Uthan, Atin and Darman brought both back to a waiting LAAT/i gunship, but Hokan's second in command came with a speeder bike and shot Atin with a high-powered Verpine weapon.

Meanwhile, Niner and Fi faced Hokan by themselves. Niner tricked Hokan by lying on the ground and pretended he was horribly wounded, screaming not for his mother, like most organic men, but for his training sergeant, Kal Skirata. Hokan was about to kill Niner with a vibroblade out of pity, but Etain Tur-Mukan attacked Hokan from behind and decapitated him. Fi kept Hokan's armor as a souvenir, and wore it as his own when later living on Mandalore. Uthan, seeing Hokan's armor, thought he had survived when she too was brought to Mandalore by Fi's father, Kal Skirata, but was relieved when she realized it was only Fi in his armor. Hokan's helmet was eventually given to Venku Skirata as a gift from his uncle Fi.



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