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Ghirra Starros was a female Galactic Republic senator during the High Republic Era. She was the mother of the scientist and aspiring inventor Avon Sunvale.



Ghirra Starros as a Senator of the Galactic Republic.

In 232 BBY,[7] she sent Avon to the remote outpost Port Haileap as she considered her to be trouble and wanted her daughter to learn to appreciate her life on Coruscant.[3]

Starros was a San Tekka ally, however Xylan Graf claimed that she was in debt to the Graf family as they helped greatly in the construction of Starlight Beacon and the signing of the Dalnan treaty. She was also accused of pushing through bills that helped her kin make money off the disaster at the Republic Fair.[8]

When Xylan wanted to secure a lease on the Berenge sector, Starros launched an investigation after Thaddeus Wolk put forth a theory that there was a secret Nihil hyperspace weapon hidden in the sector.[8]

Eventually in an attempt to put herself on both sides of the conflict between the Nihil and Republic, she entered a relationship with the Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro and became his best asset with the Galactic Senate. She provided the Nihil with schematics for Starlight Beacon, which they used to infiltrate and destroy the station.[5]

After the fall of Starlight Beacon, Starros broke with the Republic and formally associated with the Nihil, who had established an independent enclave in the Outer Rim called the Occlusion Zone, a section of space separated from the Republic by an impenetrable barrier called the Stormwall. With a new base located on the planet Hetzal, the Nihil continued to raid beyond the Occlusion Zone, safe from the Republic Defense Coalition and the Jedi once they retreated behind the Stormwall. But, with ten sectors under their yoke and the Nihil's original structure of Tempests decimated by Marchion Ro's machinations, Starros tried to bring some order to the Nihil by restructuring them in order to lend them a veneer of legitimacy and, hopefully, to start a transition to a more structured form of government. Ro did not openly endorse her changes but neither did he oppose them, so Starros was able to implement her reforms. She created three ministries to replace the Tempests, appointing herself as the minister of the Ministry of Information. The two other ministries, one for Protection and the other for Advancement, were taken by the Mirialan mercenary General Abediah Viess and the Ithorian scientist Baron Boolan, respectively.[6]

Personality and traits[]

Starros liked it when people envied her. She even had fantasies about ordinary people admiring her position as Senator and how she skillfully played both sides in the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Nihil.[5]

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The Nihil leaders (229 BBY)
Eye of the Nihil: Marchion Ro
Ministers: Ghirra Starros
(Minister of Information)
General Abediah Viess
(Minister of Protection)
Tempest Runner Baron Boolan
(Minister of Advancement)
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