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"Ghost Ship" is a non-canon animated LEGO short that aired online on September 15, 2021 as part of the LEGO STAR WARS: Celebrate the Season webseries.

Official description[]

As Moff Gideon and Stormtroopers play cards aboard his light cruiser, strange ghostly happenings terrify them. The Mandalorian and Grogu also happen to be sneaking around the ship… so is it really haunted? Find out![1]

Plot summary[]

The episode opens with Moff Gideon playing a game of cards with his stormtroopers aboard his light cruiser. One of the stormtroopers senses something coming and drops his cards. Suddenly, something causes their furniture and objects to levitate. Gideon and his stormtroopers see a shadow in the hallway and huddle together.

Moff Gideon activates the Darksaber and leads his stormtroopers through the hallway in search for the intruder. They are startled by something hurling a cupboard. The Imperials flee down the corridor, bumping into Din Djarin. In the commotion, Gideon drops the Darksaber. While the stormtroopers attempt to fix a damaged door, the group are stalked by a hooded figure who turns out to be Grogu. Djarin soon arrives and reunites with his adopted child.

An enraged Gideon sends his stormtroopers after Grogu and Djarin. However, Grogu uses the Force to hurl the stormtroopers against the walls of the ship. Djarin gently strokes Grogu before fastening his hood. They then take steps to leave Gideon's ship.



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Notes and references[]

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