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Ghost ships were a controversial belief—or even a phenomenon—in some areas of the galaxy.

Ghost ships were old starships that were somehow destroyed or lost mysteriously and their fate would become an object of legend and awe; for some reason, they would be believed to visit the locations they were lost in again and again, along with the spirits of their dead pilots. It was unknown how many of these legends were purely superstition or actual phenomena, and whether they were in any way related to the Force, such as Force ghosts.

Examples included the long-lost, sometimes-sighted Permondiri Explorer, the fabled Queen of Ranroon, the Gorgorror, the Nebula Stalker,[source?] the Ghost Ship of Veragi,[1] and Admiral Fa'rey's ship which haunted the Daragon Trail. The Dusty Duck also became the subject of local ghost stories and fables on Tatooine after the death of its pilot, Aneesa Dym, at the hands of Darth Maul.

The Dreighton Triangle, considered to be a haunted locale, was a legend that had originated from the massacre at the Battle of Dreighton. This legend was an ideal background for the Galactic Empire to construct their Phantom TIEs, whose mysterious appearances would further fertilize it.

Because of the Eclipse's obsidian-black hull seemingly vanished in realspace when it exited hyperspace, New Republic forces initially thought it was a ghost ship, although they quickly learned otherwise when it opened fire, as New Republic information officer Nara Dun later recalled.



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