Ghosts of Hoth is a Star Wars Tales comic.

Plot summaryEdit

"They killed us all"
Hoth settler ghost girl warning Chewbacca about the Wampa colony near Echo Base.[src]

Chewbacca is at work servicing the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive at Echo Base, when the ghost of a young female child appears to him, gesturing for help. Chewbacca is frightened by the encounter, and locks himself aboard the Millennium Falcon. Meanwhile, a Rebel sentry is attacked by a wampa while on watch duty.

Back at Echo Base, Han Solo is unable to convince Chewbacca to leave the ship until he is told who originally built the base. Han turns to a nearby Alliance member, who informs him that nobody knows who built the base, but it is generally thought that the settlers were driven away by the weather of Hoth. Despite being told this, Chewbacca refuses to open the Millennium Falcon, and Han leaves in irritation.

Sometime later, the ghosts of the settlers, led by the spirit of the little girl, return to Chewbacca, and appeal for him to follow them. Chewbacca pushes through a wall of the base to reveal the lair of a wampa. Inside, the wampa is consuming the hapless rebel sentry, amid the remains of the settlers. When it charges him, Chewbacca shoots it with his Bowcaster. He then retrieves a bracelet belonging to the little girl. With his nerves settled, Chewbacca returns to work on the Falcon, and the spirits of the settlers materialize a final time, this time appearing less ghoulish.


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