"Ghosts of Kashyyyk, Part 1" is a comic story featuring Chewbacca helping defend Kashyyyk from a First Order attack. The story was written by John Barber, illustrated by Derek Charm, and published in Star Wars Adventures (2017) 27 on October 30, 2019.[1]

Plot summary[]

Above the planet Kashyyyk, Chewbacca, Nien Nunb, and Beaumont Kin were being attacked by First Order TIE fighters. The First Order was conducting a blockade of the planet, and Chewbacca was tasked with helping the Wookiees on the planet. Chewbacca maneuvered around and destroyed many of the TIE fighters. The Nautolan Daz Crano came in her X-wing starfighter to offer assistance against the TIE fighters.

The Millennium Falcon flew down to Kashyyyk, where First Order stormtroopers were forcing Wookiees into hard labor. The stormtroopers surrendered once the Falcon and other Resistance operatives arrived. Above the planet, more Resistance starships had engaged the First Order blockade, but for the meantime, everyone else was stuck on the surface.

Chewbacca hugged the surrounding Wookiees but then looked up, suddenly angry. He shouted at Kin, who could not understand him, and ran off into the Black Forest with Terbus the porg following him. Kin and Crano soon followed Chewbacca into the forest. They lost track of Chewbacca as he went further into the forest which was the most dangerous place on Kashyyyk. Wookiees believed that the forest was haunted and battles were fought throughout the forest.

Chewbacca and Terbus kept traveling until they noticed stormtroopers guarding their 125-Z treadspeeder bike. Chewbacca then snuck up behind the stormtroopers and knocked them out. All of a sudden, more stormtroopers appeared, led by a commander. The commander ordered his stormtroopers to open fire on the Wookiee as he dashed behind the speeder bike. The speeder bike exploded, sending Chewbacca flying into the bushes. The stormtroopers began their search for him as he and Terbus hid.


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Notes and references[]

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