Giaca was a lush, wild, world in the Unknown Regions, which was largely unspoiled by civilization. Although it was not a homeworld or colony for any particular species, it was not without intelligent inhabitants. Besides the numerous types of wild creatures in its dense forests and massive volcanic causeways, Giaca hosted a few scattered outposts of survey teams and criminal hideouts.

Giaca was said to be home to an ancient surveillance station of a lost civilization. The outpost and the surrounding area were rumored to be extremely dangerous.

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A lush and wild world teeming with life and largely untouched by colonization and civilization, Giaca owed its remoteness to a localized hyperspace tangle.[2] This tangle made hyperspace travel to the planet extremely difficult; it wasn't uncommon for visitors to the planet to stall out of hyperspace at the edge of the system, or even several lightyears away from Giaca - suffering damage to their hyperdrives in the process.[2] This problem was exacerbated by the lack of current and accurate charts, with available charts being out of date and sketchy at best.[2] Pilots and researchers who made regular trips to the planet thus guarded their secret routes jealously, and, if they could be convinced to share their charts at all, would often only do so for outrageous prices.[2]

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