The Gian V-44 was a model of speeder in operation during the Age of the Empire.

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The Gian V-44 was a one-person speeder powered by repulsorcoils. The control yoke located fore of the pilot's seat allowed the speeder's driver to operate the side-mounted directional thrusters. The vehicle's fore was covered by wind fairing, and it contained conductor strips.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Galen Erso and his family maintained a Gian V-44 at their homestead on Lah'mu. The grime-coated vehicle had seen better days by the time the family was visited by Director Orson Krennic; by this point, its directional thrusters were non-operational, and its repulsorcoils had corroded past reliability. Galen kept the speeder in order to salvage its conductor strips, and typically kept it mounted on blocks or struts to prevent it from sinking into the soil of the Erso's farm.[1]

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