Giant algae-beds were a botanical species that evolved sentience in the Cygnus B system,[1] a star system located in the Esaga sector of the Mid Rim.[2] The algae-beds were extremely intelligent, with a highly complex brain. Like many such species, considered to be super-brains, they were unable to move around independently. As a consequence, the algae-beds had little involvement in the galactic community. They were known of in the galaxy by 0 BBY. By that point, Luke Skywalker, then an inhabitant of the remote planet Tatooine, had seen a picture of the giant algae-beds.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

John Chesterman created these giant algae-beds for Cantina Communications, a vignette included in Star Wars Official Poster Monthly 16, published in 1979 by Paradise Press. Cantina Communications was later republished on Hyperspace in 2007. The Cygnus system was placed by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry in The Essential Atlas, published in 2009.


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