The giant squid was a species of cephalopoids that lived in the oceans of Mon Calamari, a planet that was home to the Mon Calamari species. Giant squids had two eyes and ten tentacles. These manipulators sported numerous suction cups and flared out into sagittiform tips. The squids also featured a conical mantle with spots, and an arrow-shaped pair of fins at the end. Giant squids had eyes on either side of the head area. The squids were capable of being stunned into unconsciousness.[1]

While traversing the oceans of Mon Calamari[1] in 5 ABY,[2] Senate Planetary Intelligence Network agent Luke Skywalker's minisub was caught by a giant squid. The minisub and the squid were captured by the storage tanks in Imperial Captain Dunwell's Whaladon-hunting submarine. The minisub escaped as the squid was recovering from its stunning, just before the submarine self-destructed.[1]

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The giant squid appears in the young readers book The Glove of Darth Vader, released in 1992. The book does not give enough information to determine its sentience.

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