"In the name of the Emperor, I claim this planet as Imperial territory."
―An Imperial officer[2]

Gibbela was a remote Outer Rim Territories planet located in the Atrivis sector. It was the homeworld of the shapeshifting Dazouri species, members of which engaged in simple farming on Gibbela.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, an Imperial detachment was sent to Gibbela to scout the planet before its planned colonization. Landing at a farm of one of the local Dazouri, the officer leading the Imperial force claimed the planet for the Empire and demanded the farmer's surrender. In response, however, the Dazouri transformed into a large, ferocious killer and wiped out the Imperials, subsequently repurposing their leftover equipment as farming tools.


Gibbela was a terrestrial planet[2] located in the Gibbela system, a part of the Atrivis sector in the New Territories portion of the Outer Rim Territories.[1] An isolated world, Gibbela was located far from even minor hyperlanes.[2]


"Surrender and no harm will come to you."
―An Imperial officer, to a Dazouri farmer[2]

At some point during the reign of the Galactic Empire, that government made plans to colonize Gibbela. A small Imperial scout detachment,[4] consisting of a Sentinel-class landing craft carrying an Imperial officer and a stormtrooper escort,[2] was dispatched to the planet, expecting little resistance. The initial fly-by showed the Imperial force several non-threatening farmers of[4] the native Dazouri species.[3]

The Imperial detachment on Gibbela about to be destroyed by the transformed Dazouri farmer

The Imperial starship landed at the farm of one of the locals. Emerging from the vessel, the Imperial officer addressed the farmer, claiming Gibbela as Imperial territory in the name of the Galactic Emperor and demanding the Dazouri's surrender. To the detachment's surprise, the farmer then underwent the transformation[2] characteristic to the Dazouri,[3] turning into a ferocious killer that wiped out the outmatched Imperial force. Subsequently, the Dazouri repurposed the Imperials' weapons, armor, and even their landing craft as farming equipment.[2] Between 4 ABY and 12 ABY, Gibbela fell within the territory controlled by the Pentastar Alignment.[1]


A primitive agricultural planet,[2] Gibbela was the homeworld of the Dazouri,[3] a species of sentient shapeshifters. While the Dazouri normally appeared as short and helpless Humanoids, when provoked they would transform into three-meter-tall homicidal and frenzied[5] predators.[4] Due to the ferocious nature of the Dazouri, spacers tended to avoid visiting Gibbela.[2] During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Gibbela was inhabited by several Dazouri farmers,[4] one of whom destroyed an Imperial scouting party.[2]


One Dazouri maintained a farm on Gibbela, which consisted of a large tent and numerous circles of cultivated plants. Each circle consisted of a tripod-supported fruit tree that was surrounded by a ring of crop plants. The farm also utilized at least one scarecrow. After the farmer repelled an Imperial scouting party that visited Gibbela, the Imperial's starship was repurposed into another building at the farm.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Gibbela was introduced in "The Value of Proper Intelligence to Any Successful Military Campaign is Not to Be Underestimated," a comic story written by Ken Lizzl, illustrated by Lucas Marangon, and published in the nineteenth issue of the Star Wars Tales comic-book series[2] on May 14, 2004.[6] With respect to the Star Wars Legends continuity, Lucasfilm considered plausible stories in Star Wars Tales 120 to be S-canon,[7] or "secondary" canon,[8] by default until they were referenced in a non-Tales source, at which point the subject matter was elevated to C-canon,[7] or "continuity" canon.[8]

The events of the comic story from Star Wars Tales 19 were later mentioned in an entry for Gibbela in the 2008 The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[4] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Gibbela system, and therefore the planet itself, in grid square L-5.[1]



Notes and references[]

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