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Gillon was a crewmember aboard the Maid of Sentiile when it crashed into the rogue planetoid Tembora. He was one of the first four men sent to the Tembora Research Station to scout it out. The group he was in found the old droids as well as the three deactivated KLR-series combat droids in the lab, and the rest of his group came in to get them while the recon party continued their search. When he got to the common room, however, he was attacked by KLR-B1, the only active KLR-series droid which had turned into a raging psychopath. It shred the rest of his party to pieces captured Gillon, taking him to the med suite where he burned all the skin off his foot, leaving only charred bone, and covering the rest of his body with blistering boils using a portable plasma torch. When a group of Rebels also crashed into Tembora, they discovered Gillon in the med suite and helped him stay alive by using the old medpacs which were on hand. Gillon informed the group of what had happened to him, and they proceeded to destroy KLR-B1 and presumably took Gillon off planet afterwards.

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